Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What Men Really Think!!!

             What Men Really Think!

Well here it is… the questions that the women of Melbourne wanted to know about men! And also the answer finally to whats really going on inside their heads!

Just like with the women's questions I have put these together in no particular order, some of them I'm generalised the common answers with an approximate percentage and others I have chosen the best answer or two. 

Enjoy reading! 

Whats the worst first date you have been on? What are things girls should never do on a first date? 

I did date a girl once who I forced to eat an oyster and she vomited at the table into her napkin before running to the toilets.
Talking about an ex is a pretty major no no. Breaking wind is also going to put the ball slightly in the ‘run away’ court. 

Girls who expect me to pay the full bill, I mean I personally will pay the whole bill as I'm a gentleman. But at least do the whole "do you want to split it" and actually be prepared to split it. Or if i pay for the meal you can pay for the drinks at the bar afterward.

Do you find it a turn on or off if a girl is loud during sex? 

Most guys had similar answers about this one, they like a bit of noise- but a heads up ladies.. too much noise and they think we are faking it- which turns them off. 

Do men really prefer fake boobs or real boobs? To look at or touch? 

40% said real but the 60% who didn't mind fakes said that they had to look and feel real… so that kind of makes them in the real category anyway… Make up your mind boys! 

Is it true that guys marry girls that remind them of their mums? 

No way, surely not consciously?! Although we will always compare your cooking to our mums, and sorry but she will always do it better…

Here's one thing I don't understand about men:
Why does it take them so long to take a shit? I know they take magazines in there but really... Half an hour is just ridiculous. 

It’s pretty much the only place in the house we can escape you, so we just don’t rush things! 

With the invention of the smart phone its quite clear what we are doing, we are poo'ing, playing games, checking emails, Facebook, twitter. Its easy to get distracted as well, toilets are time warps… much like washing machines steal socks. Just one of those things hahaha!

If the girl your dating changes her hair colour to dark brown from blonde and you have only ever liked blondes, would you tell her?

Only ever liked blondes? The issue here is girls thinking all guys have a type. Who ‘only ever likes blondes’? That’s dating suicide for a guy to cut 50% of his target market based on hair colour. If it looks good, it’ll take some time to adjust and it will suit the girl. If it looks awful, then the girl has already called her Mum and all her friends, cried for a couple hours and threatened to cut if all off anyway.

Can you tell if a girl is trying to hide her imperfections during sex? 

100% of guys asked this said YES! And most also mentioned how sexy confidence is. So relax ladies!!

How do men really feel about dating a single mum?

Well dating a single mum is one thing, marrying is a different conversation. So I'm going to go out here on a limb and suggest that most guys who are serious about the relationship and who like kids won't have an issue with it at all. But if the guy is serious and doesn't like or want kids its going to turn him off straight away… And guys that aren't serious, well you can connect the dots.

 This one will vary a lot from guy to guy. It adds another dimension to the relationship from the very beginning, which can be wonderful…yet also scary. If we really like you we’ll be super nervous on how well your kiddo takes to us, and whether the dad is in the scene. Probably what’s important is be sensitive and focus on building up the relationship between the two of us first, if we are captivated by you, how can we help but fall in love with little junior too?! :)      

Do guys even know what foreplay is? 

Yes! Whoever asked this question needs to get a new man ;)

Eh yeah. It’s a type of golf match.

What is the most common pet peeve that men have for women? 

Your constant approval seeking with outfits, hair, makeup, and jewellery. We DO NOT CARE how you do it, just make sure you look sexy and we don’t have to answer questions. End of story   

If your girlfriend, has guys purely just as a friend, why is it such an issue for them to hangout just as friends? 

That sounds like the boyfriend has trust issues either with his girl friend or her male friend, or its quite possible that he is actually cheating on her himself. There should be no reason as to why girls cannot have male friends, nor is there any reason as to why they cannot hang out. 

Would you ever date a girl who is taller than you? Or would it be to intimidating?

  This one was about even, with half of the guys saying that height was no problem and the other half admitting that it would make them feel a little insecure or inadequate.

What is the first thing you notice on a woman you are attracted to?
A. How big her boobs are- 0%
B. how flat her stomach is- 0%
C. Her face and smile  60%
D. Her personality  40%

What do you do If you're in relationship and your girlfriend gains weight? would it bother you? Would you say something?

This is a tricky question but i'll be honest. Weight isn't the issue here, its more about the life style of the person your are dating. To put on weight means you would have had to stop exercising and start eating badly. That would probably bother me more than the weight itself. You date someone because you like them and the way they live their life. You share the same values and ideas and your lifestyle will generally be similar, hence the whole reason for being together. When that changes (which it will and always does) you have to make a decision, do you live with it or do you not live with it?

What would be the best birthday present ever? 

Although the answers varied a little the common denominator in most answers was such an obvious male cliche, so amongst other things it seems most mens best birthday present really is… 
A blowjob
Such simple creatures….

 How many sexual partners would it shock you to find out your partner had had? 

If she’s slept with more than I have I'd be mad
Well if she were the same age as me and had slept with double or even triple what I had i would be shocked.

If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing which would it be?  
a) your playstation
b) awards/ trophies/ medals
c) your car- 10% (I hope that was a joke!)
d) your girlfriend- 90% (right answer!)

Do you ever really mean it when you say a girls looks better without makeup?

They often do. Make up is part of a girls arsenal of creating a fake profile to hide behind, the lashes, the extensions, the fake tan, the full face make up, the push up bra and the high heels. The more of that going on, the higher the risk is of waking up next to a balding midget monster once it’s all removed. 

Natural beauty is better every time. 

Less is more. And if you’ve ever had to wait for a girl to get ready, the time saved not wearing makeup is a god send.

Whats the best thing about being a guy?

Not having to wear makeup 
Being able to get ready in 5minutes if needed, and still look damn fine.
Having a penis is pretty cool too.
The world is our urinal, we can pee anywhere, and we can do it standing up
hair cuts only cost 25 bucks
did i say having a penis already?