Thursday, 30 April 2015

Showcasing a love of fitness- Melbourne

I was so excited for Jades Life to be invited to the recent Melbourne Fitness Expo- I couldn't wait to bring you all the latest products and workout ideas! Then I realised that I'd be busy sunning myself on Balinese beaches and finding my zen in rustic yoga studios that weekend- Tough life! Luckily my gorgeous and very talented best friend is as passionate about health, fitness and writing and was happy to offer her reporting expertise to Jades Life!

Introducing the cutest journalist in Melbourne... Alexandra Nelson-

The Melbourne Fitness Expo, held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from April 10-12 was a fitness lovers heaven showcasing over two hundred and fifty stalls. Anything from the hottest new apparel, to healthily eating options, gym equipment, demonstrations and competitions were there.

The expo was a great chance to keep motivated and discover new ways of keeping fit. The martial arts area, group training with celebrities and experts, and the Taekwon-do were popular attractions throughout.

There was also an area which held some of Australia’s best CrossFit athletes.

Personal trainers such as Michelle Bridges and Max Philisaire were on site to challenge others and run programs. They maybe even inspired some people to try something they never had before! 

A highlight of the event was trying healthy and natural food samples - there was something new to try at each corner. A favourite was the tropical taste of tiger nut, bananas, mangoes, coconut, linseeds and chia seeds (just to name a few) combined into a sample of deliciousness at the ‘Tropical Blend’ Kapai Puku stall.

If you wanted to take something home, you could purchase bags of rich and natural sources of protein and fibre such as lupin flake, and even take home recipes for guilt-free desserts.
Clean treats such as ‘Charlies Balls’ #charliesballs were another favourite, as they’re gluten, dairy, refined sugar and preservative free.

If only you could take the whole expo home! There really was something for everyone. 

 ~Alexandra Nelson

 A big thank you to Lexi for this post- to see some more of this talented angels work head to or follow her on Twitter @lexi_nel

Jade's Life is on a fitness adventure this week- I'm looking forward to the upcoming SaviChixTV fitness event and exclusive interviews from Nike Global Training ambassadors! 

Love Jade


Monday, 20 April 2015

How I tricked my boyfriend into a healthy holiday....

You don't have to book a health retreat to come back feeling detoxed and refreshed!

The boyfie and I booked our first holiday together to Bali. But we had a dilemma- I wanted yoga and green juices and zen- he wanted sleep ins and cocktails by the pool. Luckily he does enjoy keeping active too so we managed to find a balance. It's actually very easy to keep fit on holidays without too much effort, there are so many ways to explore a new environment and keep active. You have more time when you aren’t working, so you can squeeze in a run or strength session at anytime of the day when it suits you.

My Easter break with the family in country Victoria was so relaxing. I indulged way too much but made sure to go for lots of walks in the countryside with my family and the dogs. It was a great way to catch up on gossip and walk off delicious hot cross buns! Walking is a great way to connect with people, you aren't distracted by television or emails or food. It allows time to communicate openly with someone and benefit your body as well.

I also loved going for runs along the river, sometimes stopping halfway to do some body weight workouts and stretch as well. A typical session would be

 6k run

15 Burpees
15 tricep dips
15 squats
30 mountain climbers
Complete 3 sessions then finish with a basic sun salutation to stretch out.

Slow jog 1-2 ks back. 

The new terrain and workout really gave my body a boost and kept my energy levels up.

After my country break I was whisked away to gorgeous warm weather and luxurious villas in Bali. We spent time in Seminyak, Ubud, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua. 

It wasn’t all lazy sunsets, massages and poolside cocktails, although we did enjoy those! We got out and about to explore markets, the Monkey Forrest, Bird Sanctuary, traditional Balinese dancing and temples. There was so much to see! 

I was in love with the delicious (huge) coconuts they were serving everywhere, much more refreshing than sugary cocktails or soft drink. Salads, fruits and vegetable dishes which are plentiful in Bali so we kept our diet simple and fresh.

Of course I was thrilled with being in the cultural and yoga capital of Indonesia, I found so many authentic yoga studios. CJ would enjoy his sleep in and I'd happily head out each morning to find a studio. Each studio I discovered left me with a new dimension and understanding of my practice. I even got the man to a class eventually! For anyone who loves yoga you have to put these studios in Bali on your Travel Dream List-

Prana Spa
Yoga Barn
The Yoga House
Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio

Another beautiful experience was the trek up a volcano to watch the sunrise. This one took more convincing and the promise that we could recuperate at the villa for the rest of the day and have massages. It was a worthwhile compromise. We left at 2am and used flashlights to hike 2 hours up to the peak. It was tricky at times and hard on the legs but worth every step.  We rested with a hot cup of tea and boiled egg for breakfast as the sun rose. A truly magical experience and CJ finally admitted that it was the highlight of the trip for him too (once he was actually talking to me again- about halfway back down the mountain).
Our holiday was the perfect balance of active pursuits and delicious indulgence.  Keeping this balance meant we came back feeling rested and relaxed instead of sluggish and guilty. 

Think about ways you can find this balance on your next trip. Holidays don’t have to be an excuse to turn into a slob, they can inspire you to experience different ways to keep fit and try new things. 

 I'd love to hear your healthy holiday tips- feel free to connect on twitter or Instagram to see more of my holiday snaps or let me know how you keep fit while traveling! 

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