Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Blog you have been waiting for…

So I have had a very interesting time putting this post together! 

I thought it would be fun to do a bit of an anonymous questionnaire to find out what men and women REALLY want to know about each other and what their answers are!
Have you ever wondered why women take so long to get ready?
Or what men really look for in a woman?

Well I asked a varied group of men and women to submit questions for the opposite sex, things they had always wondered but never had the chance or been too embarrassed to ask and then to answer the questions that the opposite sex had for them!
To start with I have the things that men were curious to know about us lovely ladies…  and all of the girls very honest answers! 

The questions and answers are in no particular order, some answers I have summarised the general answers or approximate percentages and others I have put the most common answer or two forward


Do you find beards/facial hair attractive? 

Most girls thought a little bit scruffy and rugged is sexy, but no one admitted to loving full beards! 

Whats the best thing a guy can do in the bedroom? (talk, be dominant, do what you say etc)

A little bit of dirty talk
Confidence and taking control

If a girl could choose one of the two, would she prefer to be seen by guys as sexy, or beautiful?

80% Beautiful 20% sexy

Does a girl prefer a guy who is a better listener or a better lover?

75% Lover 15% Listener

I once read that a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men? True or false?

15% True 75% False (several of the girls also mentioned a fondness for tradie attire) 

What's more important to a woman, that she has an orgasm, or the man, and why?

Getting pleasure is always great, but I get satisfaction from a guy getting off, you know you've done a good job and it's a very satisfying feeling 
if the girl cant make the man reach that they feel inadequate

Have you ever fantasised about another woman? Have you ever actually acted upon this fantasy? 

Almost all of the girls had fantasised about another woman but only about half had acted on it…

Do you find your sex life usually gets better or worse the longer you're in a relationship?

I think it's always a little more exciting at the start 
It doesn't get worse, just different and has a different meaning. 

The person learns how to pleasure you and you fall into a good routine

How often do you ladies judge us on our shoes? Should I be leaving my volleys at home on a Friday or Saturday night hahaha?

This one was about half of the girls caring about shoes and half saying that they never look. However crocs got several mention as definite no's!  

Do women masturbate more frequently than they let on? Or is it too much of a secret to tell?

Every girl asked this had the same answer. YES. But its still a secret…. 

Career/education vs lady of leisure? How important is it to make your own success over being a kept woman?

These days its very important to be your own person, however it's nice to feel spoilt and a bit taken care of at the same time. 

In a females opinion, are Brazilians more for her or for him? 

90% for her 10% for him

How do you feel about body hair on men? chest hair? yes or no?, pubic hair baby shaved or neatly trimmed?

Chest hair is ok, pubic neatly trimmed. Baby shaved is a little too far

Man hair should be confined to the chest, head, scruff on the face, arms and legs and neatly trimmed down there. Nothing worse than a face full of pubes when you’re doing some oral exercise, baby shaved is just a bit scary.

What's the best thing a guy can do to lift your spirits if you're having a bad day?

The majority of answers to this one were just to make a girl smile, laugh, give a good cuddle and to be a good listener. Wine and flowers also help :)

Would you prefer to look perfect and die alone without being married, or look average and have the best husband you could dream of?

Every girl said they would rather look average and have the best husband they could dream of.
So sweet!

Would you cheat on your husband, if he wouldn't find out, for $50,000?

No 100%

Are women incapable of judging how good they look in an outfit, or is there an agenda behind the "Does this make me look fat?" question?

Hahaha depends on how well you know the girl but to be safe, if they do look fat just say “no not fat but its not ur best outfit, maybe try (insert item here) instead”

If you were a guy for 24 hours, plan your day..

Get up, shower, masturbate, drink beer, go do burnouts, shave, masturbate, drink beer, watch porn (with friends) go find a random to shag, keep my hands down my pants on my package for a whole tv program, eat some junk food, have a nap, repeat until 24 hours is over

Sex and masturbation would have to be top of the list, not going to hide that one. 

Rank the following about a guy in order most to least important - money... intelligence... facial good looks... good body... humour... fame

humour, facial good looks and intelligence were always the top 3, followed by good body, money and fame came in last every time. 

Well I hope you enjoyed reading the questions and answers! I thought the funniest bit was that all the girls who were asked would spend their day as a man using or playing with their penis! Haha!

Thanks so much to all the guys and girls who helped out; your honestly and time are very much appreciated! All of the questions AND the answers were so fantastic that it was hard to know which ones to choose  ut I tried to keep it as varied as I could! 
I'll sort through the girls questions and put together the guys answers soon! 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

A day in the life...

Well it's been a big couple of weeks for me, I've hardly had time to exercise so am feeling guilty and lazy but we all have weeks like that so I kicked myself into gear and jogged around Albert Park when I got home from work. For me, once I have my running gear on I feel more motivated so thats half the battle. Going for my run was a great way to relax and think back over everything that's been going on. There were some things that I'd been nervous or worried about and it was a good time to reflect and realise that no matter how daunting something seems, everything always works out and you make it through intact. Life always goes on and it only becomes enriched with each challenge that we face!

The craziness all started from my last shoot, it was a fairytale theme for some advertising so that day off my usual work was spent dressed as a princess in the arms of a male model playing prince charming, it was fun! The 5year old inside me loved playing dress ups! I've also spent a busy few weeks putting together a blog post that involves men and women asking and answering questions about each other anonymously. It's going to be a great read and it's been so interesting to see what everybody is  really thinking! I've been lucky enough to have some feedback from some high profile people, although its all anonymous so I can't say who! I hope you guys enjoy reading it once it's all done! 

I also started the Captain Morgans promotional campaign in Melbourne. For those who don't know Captain Morgan's is a type of rum that is designed to mix with coke. Im not usually a rum drinker but it tastes kind of like vanilla coke- very drinkable! The launch for the campaign was last weekend and it involves the charismatic Captain Morgan and 12 of his beautiful Morganettes! We arrive at a club full of energy, do the special Captains Dance on arrival and then play a game with the club goers called 'key to adventure!' where the captain gives people a key to the treasure chest and if the key unlocks the chest then they get a prize. It's such a fun job, we have a dance and chat to the patrons for about 45 minutes  before making our exit. It was a full on weekend, working 3 nights in a row but so much fun and all the other Morganettes are great girls. So definitely keep an eye out for us in nightclubs over the next few months! 

As I work full time I know that I couldn't commit to going back to study, although there are so many other things I've always wanted to try. I have never been somebody who wants to look back and think 'what if' so I was determined to tick something else off my list anyway, to do further study in something that really interests me. We are so lucky to have things like Open Universities which means we can study via correspondence and work towards something at our own pace so I finally decided to enrol in a journalism course. I'm so excited to start studying and trying something new. If I can do it then anyone can- it's so easy to enrol and I feel as though it's given me new energy and direction.

After my busy weekend, on Sunday night Chris spoilt me with a surprise horse and carriage ride around the city. We had always seen them around and thought it would be something fun and different but never made the time. It was a really beautiful gesture and a great way to relax and enjoy some of the sights of our amazing city. It's very touristy and corny but sometimes those things are the most memorable! It was so thoughtful and I really did feel very special and loved! We also had a chat to the driver and I found out where the horses stay at night which is something I'd always wondered! 
391200_10150976230410404_1654345096_n.jpgTo top the night off he cooked me dinner and filled the living room with candles when we got home… It was so romantic and I just felt so grateful to have him. God knows what I did to get so lucky. Its not always the huge big presents that matter the most but the simples things like a candlelit dinner that fill our hearts with so much love. It meant so much to me, after such a busy weekend, to feel so nurtured and appreciated. That thoughtfulness goes a long way in keeping that honeymoon period going. So for any guys reading this, take notes! The horse and carriage is a great idea, and to Chris, because I know he supports me by reading my blog- thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Also this week I did my first bit of filming for Neighbours, it was just an extra part (I play a performer at an open mic night, but don't worry- I don't actually perform so you wont have any burst eardrums if you watch the episode!) but it was a great experience and a good way to see what really goes on behind the scenes. The cast and crew were really lovely and friendly but there was a lot of waiting around and repeating things until they got the takes they were after, very different to the photographic work I've been used to!

Last night we went out with some friends to a cute Thai restaurant in South Melbourne called Sweet Lemon which was lovely and intimate and the food was delicious. Perhaps a little too cozy to be comfortable at the beginning but once a larger table left it was better. Id go later in the night with a very small group (no more than 4) to really make the most of it, otherwise its a bit squashy.

I've also been in training for my role as a beauty advisor for Clinique so that has been very interesting as well- expect some more beauty tip posts to come! 
Tonight we are just relaxing at home, listening to the rain on the roof and enjoying being cozy and warm. We cooked one of my favourite meals, vegetarian lasagne which I love because its so hearty and yet still healthy! I thought I'd share the recipe as well. 

So just a bit of a catch up on how diverse Melbourne lifestyle can be, I met some fantastic people, tried new things, worked really hard and came out smiling at the end of it! 




Ingredients (serves 4)
  • 800g butternut pumpkin, peeled, cut into 1cm-thick slices
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 medium brown onion, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1 medium red capsicum, chopped
  • 2 medium zucchini, halved, sliced
  • 1 medium eggplant, chopped
  • 200g button mushrooms, thickly sliced
  • 400g can diced tomatoes with oregano and basil
  • 80g baby spinach
  • 30g butter
  • 2 tablespoons plain flour
  • 2 cups reduced-fat milk
  • 1 cup reduced-fat grated mozzarella cheese
  • 125g dried lasagne pasta sheets

  1. Preheat oven to 180°C/160°C fan-forced. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Arrange pumpkin, in a single layer, on tray. Drizzle with 2 teaspoons oil. Bake for 20 minutes or until tender. Set aside.
  2. Heat remaining oil in a heavy-based frying pan over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, capsicum, zucchini, eggplant and mushroom. Cook, stirring, for 10 minutes or until eggplant is just tender. Stir in tomato. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low. Simmer for 10 minutes or until sauce has thickened. Remove from heat. Stir in spinach. Cover. Set aside for 2 minutes or until spinach has wilted. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Meanwhile, melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat until foaming. Add flour. Cook, stirring with a wooden spoon, for 1 minute or until bubbling. Remove from heat. Gradually add milk, stirring to prevent lumps forming. Return pan to heat. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until sauce boils and thickens. Remove pan from heat. Stir in half the cheese. Set aside.
  4. Lightly grease a 7cm-deep, 25cm (base) square baking dish. Spoon half the onion mixture into dish. Arrange half the pumpkin over onion mixture. Place half the lasagne sheets over pumpkin, breaking sheets to fit. Repeat layers. Spoon sauce over top. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake for 40 minutes or until golden and pasta tender. Stand for 10 minutes. Serve with a nice glass of red wine! 
  5. Relax, enjoy your lasagne and get somebody else to do the washing up!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The stories behind the photos...

Since I started modelling several years ago I've had some really great experiences. I feel so lucky to be offered work doing something that I love. Although I don't do runway or high fashion due to my height, I am booked regularly for a variety of different jobs, mostly advertising campaigns. These are just some random little stories that show what is happening to create different images, as models we get pinned and pulled and frozen and dirty and soaked! But it's all so much fun, there are also the really fun ones, like an ad for a beer company when we were all told to jump around and party and pretend to drink beer at 9am! Or a job I did for a makeup company where I just had to sit and have my makeup done for 3 hours, which usually happens before the shooting starts instead of being the actual focus! I picked these images because of how unique they are and because I think its interesting to hear the real story behind a photo, there is always so much going on to create that perfect shot. Some of these images are up to a few years old from when I first started modelling, to my more recent work and they each show a different side to the kind of work that we do. I hope you enjoy reading!

This series was so much fun to shoot, the location was a private property in Gembrook in some beautiful bush land. It was very hard work however, we had so many shots to get and it had to be in the perfect light! No shoot is ever completely without drama and as well as the headdress being exceptionally hard to balance in the breeze the other model I was working with actually fell in the lake! Was a very memorable shoot!

This shot is actually me just relaxing in between takes, while the lighting was being set up. I guess a lot of shots are flukes like this and the photographer caught the moment perfectly, it's one of my favourite shots still, even though it's a few years old now.
This was a really fun but absolutely freezing cold shoot and as you can see very messy! I did do a little bit of glamour modelling when I first started and was still working out which style I liked, this was my last glamour shoot before I moved into more commercial modelling. It was with one of my favourite photographers, Frank Sartori. on a day like that when it's so cold its really hard to keep your expression from showing it and in some I the shots I look absolutely frozen! www.facebook.com/FrankSartoriPhotography
This was an edgy bridal shoot and had a bit of a twist, there was a very specific pose the director wanted, with a wet and clinging dress. It was done in a studio so the dress kept drying too quickly under the lights to perfect the pose so I had a team of designated water sprayers who would come in every few shots and start spraying the dress to create the effect and make it cling in the right places without going too see through, however in the end they didn't choose one of the wet look shots anyway! 

For this shot it was done at the end of the day, just before we all went home, I was back in my cardigan and had started to take the makeup off and the pins from my hair when the photographer had an idea for the shot. So I was dragged back to set with makeup still all over my face and told to give the camera some attitude. It had been a long day and so I think I was fed up enough that I got the anger across to the image! 

The work I did for Alf Caruana was definitely my edgiest and darkest, the makeup was extraordinary (it looks ghostly) and the light effects behind the shots are actually from someone being up on a ladder above me and using a sieve to sift flour so it falls into the light (and all over me!) I probably wouldn't do anything as risky as those shots again but it was a lot of fun and Alf is an outstanding photographer! www.alfcaruana.com.au

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Behind the Regime...

Most of us do at least something with our skin, cleanse, tone moisturise and maybe the occasional facial but it makes such a difference if you understand why we have to do all of this. Through my work in cosmetics and beauty therapy I've had lots of people ask things about skincare, including why they should exfoliate as well as cleanse, so I thought I'd explain the method behind the madness!

A common misconception is that only oily skin needs exfoliation but this is not true! If you're suffering from dry skin, it can be from the change in temperatures or conditions, travelling long distances or even if your skin is consistently dry it is so important to exfoliate as well! By exfoliating we are removing the dead skin cells that lie flat on the surface, if we don't remove them then it creates a buildup of rough, flakey skin. These flat cells don't reflect light so it can make the skin look dull and lifeless and it is also a barrier so that your moisturiser can't get deep enough to actually hydrate or repair your moisture barrier. So by adding moisturisers before cleansing the skin properly we are actually making dry skin worse; even though the cream has camouflaged the dryness it's not actually healing it! On a skin that is oily this buildup leads to congestion and breakouts because the bacteria is trying to get out of the skin and becomes trapped under the dead skin cells. After exfoliation the new, young cells can then make it to the surface, making your skin seem more youthful and refreshing it. 

Usually it is best to exfoliate about twice a week after cleansing the skin but each product is different so it's important to read the directions first to gain the best result.
There are several different types of products you can use to exfoliate the skin, the most common is a granulated scrub which will 'polish' the surface of your skin to soften and remove any excess oils and dirt. Usually these can be used once or twice a week depending on the strength of the products.

Using a lotion to exfoliate will give your skin a chemical exfoliation and remove any excess oil in your pores as well as the flat cells without irritating or scratching the skin so is usually gentle enough to use daily before your moisturiser. 
A treatment mask can offer a deep exfoliation and use certain ingredients to draw out any deep impurities but it depends on the skin type as to what type of mask you will need. It's normal to see some breakouts after this kind of treatment, it's bringing everything to the surface and the skin usually looks worse before it gets better. 
Ideally you would be using a liquid exfoliant daily, a scrub once or twice a week and then using a treatment mask when your skin needs a boost, often if you have been stressed or unwell you can see it in your skin.

It's important to use good products to take care of our skin, it's such a big part of how we look and feel about ourselves so it's an investment that's worth it! 
It doesn't take much to get into these little habits and to research and find out our skin types but it really pays off in the long run. 
We all want to be the person who gets mistaken for being 10 years younger one day and it all comes down to having good skin!
Instead of going out and spending a fortune in one hit on expensive products you can add one at a time to your regime, building up your collection slowly. Its a good idea to talk to professionals in the industry so that you know HOW the products actually work and WHY you need to use them. So then you will understand the benefit and be excited to see the results! Its easy to forget to put a cream on or not be bothered to take your makeup off after a night out but if you know the long term consequences of neglecting your skin then it will inspire you not to let the regime slip! 

Some of my favourite exfoliants/ lotions are- 
Clinique- clarifying lotion
Payot- gommage douceur
Kosmea- exfoliating scrub
Dermalogica- gentle cream exfoliant


Saturday, 11 August 2012

We all have our wicked side....

So my last entry was about all the lovely, amazing benefits of tea! However most of us still need that kick start coffee for the day or occasionally like to indulge in something a little different. So to even things up I'm going to tell you a little about my favourite coffee spots in Melbourne and how I worked out that I have very consistent taste in coffee! 

Now a lot of these are in South Melbourne, not just because it's our new hood but because it's a very easy area to get great coffee in! Some of these places you might have heard of, others I might be cracking open the little known secrets of the Melbourne coffee world! 
In no particular order, here goes…

Chez Dre' - Coventry st South Melbourne. This cafe is on a little cobbled lane off Coventry st. It has a nice, open feel and access via a cute courtyard as well. The macrons and coffee are amazing! It has a trendy open kitchen so you can see your food being prepared and the menu is great for breakfast and lunch with lots of vegetarian options! 

St Ali- Yarra Place South Melbourne. I first discovered this coffee place a few years ago, hidden down a quiet lane way off coventry st. One of it's baristas has won global awards for coffee making and they really know their stuff! Go in, ask them to surprise you with something incredible and you will really be in for a treat!

Eden Espresso- Glenferrie rd Malvern. This place was recommended by my friend Katelyn and I wasn't disappointed, the atmosphere is great, the little deck out the back is perfect for sitting back, taking time out to feel as though your much further out of the city and drink the top quality coffee that they are known for. They also do an awesome french toast!

Dead Mans Espresso- Market st South Melbourne. One day when there was a big line to get in St Alis we decided to try our luck with the 'Melbourne Coffee review' app for iphone and see what else was around. The atmosphere at Dead Mans Espresso was so nice! We did only have time for takeaway coffee but next time we go back we will definitely sit down and have breakfast, it felt quieter because of the layout but you could tell it was a popular place. Once we tasted the coffee we could see why! I noticed the name of the coffee that they use and realised it was the same that is used at one of my other favourite places!

Brother Baba Budan- Little Bourke st, Melbourne. After a nice stroll down hardware lane we stopped at our favourite macaroon place for some treats and asked if they could recommend some good coffee nearby, without hesitation they sent us to what is now my favourite coffee place of all time. Brother Baba Budan is a quirky little cafe which is open 7 days and has a busy, eccentric atmosphere which at first I found a little rushed but after my second visit I came to embrace. Its cosy and quirky from the one large table that takes up almost the whole place to the wooden chairs hanging from the ceiling. The barista and staff are very friendly and you can tell they love the vibe there as much as the customers. The first time I tasted their coffee my eyes literally lit up. I was never much of a coffee drinker but I absolutely had to know which coffee that was! On my next visit we even bought some ground coffee beans for our plunger (although it never tastes quite the same at home). The name of the coffee is Seven Seeds and it's used at Dead Mans Espresso as well. 

Seven Seeds- Berkeley St, Carlton- After looking it up I discovered that seven seeds is a cafe in Carlton that also roasts its own coffee. Although I haven't had time to get there yet I can only imagine that if its a larger version of my favourite it must be in my top picks! They own 3 cafes, Seven Seeds, Brother Baba Budan and also another cafe called De Clieu in Fitzroy. All 3 places are named after the historical 17th Century story of how Baba Budan smuggled 7 seeds of fertile coffee out of Yemen and into India so it could be grown, brewed and drunk worldwide. Also how Gabriel de Clieu helped to bring coffee to western society. All 3 places are definitely worth a visit! 
The Auction Rooms- Errol st North Melbourne. Known for serving some of the best coffee in Melbourne, they have been recognised many times as being one of the leaders in modern coffee making and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Just like with St Ali's, be prepared to queue to get in on weekends! 


Monday, 6 August 2012

What a wonderful life, what a wonderful drink!

We have all heard about the benefits of drinking tea but there are so many different types it can be hard to work out which tea is best for you. I thought I'd look into it a little more to make it more simple. I did some tea-search! Haha, such a dad joke! 

The main benefits of teas include reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, slowing down the ageing process and assisting in weight loss. The more I looked into this wonder drink for this blog post the more I discovered how good for us it actually is. So as well as tasting great, keeping us warm and hydrated tea also contains lots of antioxidants which helps our cells regenerate and repair and can also help to prevent cancer and help our immune system. It can help beat bacteria, aid in digestion, prevent diabetes and even fight cavities and reduce plaque in your teeth. To sit down and have a cup of tea always makes us feel relaxed and studies have shown that this is not just because we are taking some time out but by drinking tea it actually lowers the amount of cortisol in our body, which is a stress hormone. Bring on the Tea!
There are a few main different types of teas. Black, White, Green and Oolong all come from the same plant, the Camellia Sinesis plant but are dried and brewed differently. Herbal Infusions tea are  made from the leaves, roots, stems, bark and flowers of different herbs and plants that have shown to be beneficial for our bodies. Here is a quick summary of what makes them different and why they are good for you. I have also added a bit of information about some of my favourite teas and what health benefits they provide.
Black tea is the made from fermented tea leaves and has the highest caffeine content. Studies have shown that it may help protect lungs from damage caused by cigarette smoke as its very high in antioxidants which help fight free radicals. It may also lower the risk of heart disease and stroke because it prevents our blood from clumping and forming clots. Black tea can also neutralise germs, including some that cause diarrhoea, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections. 
Green Tea is made with steamed tea leaves and has been shown to have the most benefits of all the teas for assisting with weight loss. The compounds in green tea help to accelerate calorie burning and also helps with digestion. It is also very high in antioxidants which interferes in the growth of some cancer cells and also can reduce the risk of neurological disorders and stroke. It can also be good for your skin, it can help with acne and is used in many skincare products for this reason.
White Tea is uncured and unfermented and studies have shown that it has the most potent anticancer properties, even more so than green tea because it is less processed. White Tea can lower blood pressure and improve the function of the arteries and it also helps in protecting the skin from damage and can even reverse some of the damage wrought by free radicals.
Oolong Tea is the darkest and most oxidised of the teas and it assists in anti ageing, studies have shown that those who drink oolong tea show fewer signs of ageing than those who don't. Test have shown that oolong tea also lowers the levels of bad cholesterol. It can promote longevity by stimulating bodily functions and strengthening the immune system
Herbal teas have many different benefits and there is hundreds of different types! Most of the plants that are chosen for these teas are known for their healing or calming properties and benefits, fragrance and taste, Here are the benefits of some of the more common herbal teas.
-Chamomile is a herb that comes from a flowering plant from the daisy family. It has anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. It can help with insomnia and other sleep disorders, help soothe stomach cramps and also help with anxiety and panic attacks. 
-Rosehip Tea is high in vitamin C as well as antioxidants and will enhance the immune system and protect from free radical damage. 
-Jasmine Tea has a main green tea component so has very similar health benefits but with the infusion of Jasmine. 
-Ginger Tea is known to be good for helping with headaches, heart burn, inflammation and also nausea. It can help with a sore throat and it very popular for women with morning sickness during pregnancy.
-Peppermint Tea is very refreshing and is good to drink after a meal as it helps aid in digestion and to freshen your mouth. 
-Chai Tea is made from a base of green, black or oolong tea with spices and herbs added for flavour and benefit such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Depending on the other ingredients used Chai tea can fight bacterial infection, ease sore throats, help the digestive system and help with body aches. 

If you want some more information, here are the websites I used to help find out the different things about tea! 


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Love is a Blue Kettle

Love is different to everyone, and to me, lately it is symbolised in the form of a blue kettle. I know it sounds weird, and I'm not talking about falling in love with innate objects (like that scene from Anchorman- 'I love lamp.' haha) But when you're in a relationship everybody has felt that rush of joy when you are truly surprised by your partner, delighted in their thoughtfulness. It may be a personal joke you have about something or an event that they then make a gesture or get a little gift to signify it, or a favourite band or movie you share and suddenly gig tickets or a dvd appears out of the blue. Every relationship has these little moments, our latest happens to revolve around a kettle :P 

Even before we had moved in together I'd seen a blue kettle and toaster set in a catalogue and decided that I wanted one. The long running joke became that when we live together it would be  so much fun and we would make tea from the blue kettle. As the months rolled by and moving in together became more of a reality the joke was still in the background and shopping for home wares the other week we would comment on the shops stock. "oh they don't even have blue kettles, nah its not good enough for us then!' We weren't seriously looking for one, with so many other necessities to get, a $150 kettle just wasn't on our immediate list. 

Last week we were walking home from work and decided on dinner on the way home. We stopped at Ludlow Bar on Southbank. We bypassed World and a few other places because we wanted something quieter. Unfortunately quieter usually means that its quiet for a reason.(Although the service wasn't bad I wouldn't recommend it if your looking for an outstanding meal.) And because of Dry July we didn't even order good wine to make up for it! Chris mentioned that he really felt like a cup of tea, now I'm used to Chris making some funny requests and a cup of tea with his steak seemed a little odd but I didn't think much of it, until it had come up again and yet he still ordered a coke with his meal. I put it down to being a strange Scottish thing. 
We walked home and had the usual chit chat and jokes and the cup of tea came up again. I still didn't think anything of it but mentioned that we were just at the restaurant and we could have had tea there! 
Once home I just wanted to get straight in the shower and then relax, but he was still on about that bloody cup of tea insisting that I put the kettle on! I stormed into the kitchen and I'm sure you know the next bit. Of course there was my blue kettle. 
I was so surprised and confused as to how he'd had time to sneak it into the house. I started laughing and gave him a huge cuddle. I felt really overwhelmed for some reason, if somebody had told me a year ago that my boyfriend buying me a kettle would have made me so happy I would have called them crazy. But it was what it symbolised, I felt that all the happy dreams we had of our new house and the life we would be sharing had ended with the joke of the blue kettle, and now here it was, in the flesh, sitting in our kitchen and Chris had made it happen. He'd even snuck home on his lunch break so it would be waiting when I got home. It was the gesture that just seemed to signify that all the happiness we had dreamed that we would have could really come true. I might be looking into it too much, it is still after all just a kettle. A very nice kettle. That I love. It even whistles!

And I still smile thinking of that moment, its those simple little surprises that make relationships so amazing. We love all the big stuff, like birthday gifts and fancy dinners but the day to day little kindnesses is where the love really grows, wether its a funny photo sent over text, grabbing your favourite chocolate bar or magazine on their way home or even surprise household appliances! The little kindnesses that we do for each other to show how we feel. We all have these private moments which make up our lives together, that make us smile because its silly, or so nice and because it makes you feel loved! And I feel like I have a lot to smile about these days, I smile every time I make a cup of tea :)