Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Fitness Life Hacks

My New Balance

2015 is off to a great start, with so many resolutions and health goals kicking off it's a great time to make significant lifestyle changes for overall health.

Although I've always led an active lifestyle, somehow my routine has been amped up and I'm seeing changes in my body that before I struggled to achieve. Maybe because I've turned my whole life upside down. I've put myself in a position where I'm forced to go that bit further.

Here's How.

Ditch the car

So I moved from Melbourne to Bondi and made the decision to leave my car behind. It's been life changing. Public transport to work has been pretty easy and there are so many hills around Bondi that all the walking has been paying off! My walk to travel to work puts another 30minutes on my daily activity and that's not even counting walking to yoga classes, the beach or the supermarket!

Buy a nutribullet

I got one for Christmas and it's been amazing. I've been whizzing up my greens for breakfast every morning and it keeps me full right through till lunch time. If I've done some yoga after work I'll make a yummy protein blend as my dessert.

Go Green

The other thing about not having a car is that I'm less inclined to go out to eat or give in to any cravings that a quick supermarket trip may have fixed! Also my closest store is an organic fruit and veg shop, so it's easier to stock up on nutritious goodies! I'm surrounded by stores and cafes that encourage healthy options. Find your own closest health stops and make the most of them!

Find a training buddy

In my first week in Bondi I was lucky to find so many people who share a fit lifestyle. I got chatting to someone who was working out near my house- and now we train together 3 mornings a week! It pays to network and find like minded people to keep you inspired and motivated! Try joining a local fitness class or find an online forum to connect with people in your area.

Use what's around you

Remember that old skipping rope? Use it for 5 minutes a day. Sprint up that hill on your way home. Run along the sand when you go to the beach. Take the stairs. Use whatever is around you to incorporate movement into your day.

Fruit instead of lollies

Think of fruit as natures candy. If you watch a movie instead of chips and chocolate try having a big bowel of fruit salad. So delicious. Why would you want a strawberry flavoured lolly when you can have the real thing?

Find a Happy Balance

Be happy. This is the key to success. Don't be so focused on training that you forget why you're doing it- to make the most out of life and your health! I've been having so many great adventures, pool parties with harbour views, Flickerfest film festival, So Frency, so Chic French music festival (champagne included!) and we have lots coming up for the long weekend as well!

Let me know how you're finding your balance in 2015