Thursday, 18 October 2012

Too Busy to Exercise???

Fitness at Home!

Through my busy lifestyle and also my desire to keep fit and be active I have used/tried/loved and hated many of the apps, DVDs and fitness games that are designed to keep the busy person fit!
I though I'd write about some, in case anybody needs inspiration or feedback on something they have considered.

Probably one of the most popular choices for mums, anybody who works from home or people who are too busy for gyms! 
I tried this a few years ago and what I liked about it was that you could really track your progress, which is great if your objective is weight loss! 
For me, toning up was my goal and because it was so kilogram/ weight based I found it not as helpful. Although after my first few session I could feel that familiar pain in my muscles that meant the exercises had worked, as my body adapted to the segments and I'd hit the maximum amount of repetitions I began to get bored and see it as more of a chore, without seeing much change. I don't think that I saw a great benefit from using it for toning up, however as a starting point for basic exercise and weight loss I think it would work!
RUN KEEPER APP (iphone) 

As anybody who has followed my blogs would know- I swear by this app! I think its great to have goals and beat your personal bests, it gives you time/ distance and average calories burnt in a session. It was fantastic during my training for Run Melbourne and I use it to add up how many K's I have ran/ walked for the week! You can have playlists and voice updates on your progress as you go. Everybody who likes to run/walk for fitness should have this app! 

Daily AB Workout- FREE (iphone)
This app also comes in Butt, Arm, Cardio, Leg or Yoga workout and you can pick if you want to do 5mins, 7mins or 10mins each time. This is great if you like easy to understand, quick excerise that requires little or no equipment. I usually pick the 7 min of the Butt and Ab workouts whenever I know I have a spare 15mins that would otherwise be spent eating, napping, staring at walls, or facebooking for no reason! 
Very very helpful for the time poor! Even if you just take that 15 minutes a day you feel better. I often use it as a stretch after my runs as well! 
10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD
I was hoping that this DVD would fit into my favourite category of quick, easy and effective workouts! I like to make my exercise fun and have it fit into my life- not my life to fit in around my exercise! However I didn't find this series very helpful as I didn't feel anything happening with the workouts and the 10 minute segments were specified for body parts so it was hard to get a full workout for under 50minutes! Any of these tools that you use you have to be very careful that you are doing the exercises right and I didn't think that the instruction on this DVD was as accurate as you need for something to do at home. 

Michelle Merrifields YOGA & PILATES
Although this was also a DVD that you really need to take a full 50minutes to do, I found the workout that I gained fantastic! There was enough instruction and reminders to use the right parts of your body to keep you focused and although a DVD will never be as informative as a class I found this one very good! 

If anyone has anything else that they have tried and LOVED or HATED feel free to let me know! I love keeping up to date with what's new and trying new things!