Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nightlife Dilemmas

 The nightclub scene in Melbourne is constantly changing, every other week there is a new most popular bar. 

A good example is the Northcote Social Club, I'd been there a few weeks ago for my friend Jess's birthday and it was a quiet little pub filled with locals. It had a good, almost small town vibe to it and the girls were in jeans and guys in flannies. Now it turns out Lady Gaga had her concert after party there (a great idea to choose a lesser known venue!) so now you can imagine how many people will be lining up on a Saturday night, girls wearing tiny skirts and high heels no doubt. It's suddenly an 'IT' venue. 
Another well known club went from being the place to be seen to suddenly having party buses full of drunken bucks nighters and the dancefloor is filled with girls in badly fitting jeans trying to act like strippers. 

All clubs have a type and dresscode; you know your not getting into a good club if you're really drunk or badly dressed but we all have stories of bouncers on power trips. We want to be able to go to nice clubs- but not be treated like shit for the privilege. 
I know a lot of people who used to enjoy going to the Longroom in Melbourne but a few stories of difficult bouncers has put everyone off. For example my friend Jade recently had an experience there when they had a dinner reservation for 4 people. 4 attractive, well dressed, successful people. 4 people owners would want in their venue. One of the couples had been there the week before, however the security at the door decided he wanted to refuse entry because of one of the guys shoes. The same shoes that he wore the week before when he had been there. Regardless of their booking. Because the bouncer was in a bad mood and wanting to be an asshole. With the mention of calling management he reluctantly let them in and they had a nice night. However I doubt any of them, or any of the people that heard the story will bother going to the venue if there is that kind of welcome at the door. 
It goes to show it doesn't take much to make or break a nightclub or bar, especially when there is so much competition around. 

Having a great host and promoter really helps, Paul from Laver promotions (Motel Saturday's and Barkley Sunday's) and George who runs Red Heart Fridays are great examples of how to create a good atmosphere. You feel looked after, they remember their regulars and welcome newcomers.

We all know the clubs that we prefer each night, depending on music or where our friends go but sometimes it's good to try something a little different so I thought I'd mention some of my favs in and around Melbourne...

Friday Night- Pre drinks @ FOG (Greville st Prahran) then Boutique and go see Greg Sara play at 161.
Saturday night- Pre drinks @ 1806  (my fav cocktail bar) then Baroq, finish the party at Motel.
Sunday night- Pre drinks @ Secret Garden (if it's a nice day) then of course the Barkly and  good old Love Machine for an all nighter! 

It's killing me to write this, halfway through Dry July, imagining my perfect boozy party weekend :( oh well, I'll let loose in a couple of weeks to make up for it!!