Thursday, 4 June 2015

Want Results? Mix It Up! (No PT Required)


Especially in winter, we deserve a pat on the back just for dragging our butts into the gym, let alone having the brain power to devise a new workout. It's easy to get stuck in a rut with training. You arrive at the gym (sometimes still half asleep) and move on autopilot, doing the same comfortable workouts, pushing hard but knowing it as well as the Pressed Juices menu.

Feel like a change? Want somebody else to do the work for you, without the cost of a personal trainer? By pairing up with a new training buddy you can add a breath of fresh (sweaty) air to your routine. Have you heard the saying 'one mans trash is another mans treasure?' Your old boring routine might be something they haven't tried before and vice versa. Combining different workout styles is a great way to learn new techniques and give your body and motivation a boost!

This week I teamed up with a work colleague to mix up our lunchtime workouts. We are bringing our ideas to the gym twice a week to help keep us motivated and fit through winter. Remember to be mindful of your form when trying new moves or using heavy weights and consult a gym coach or trainer if you are unsure.

We had some fun using kettle bells this week with a combination of cardio, weights and interval training.

Here's what we've been up to

Warm Up

5 min jog (to get to the gym)
5 minutes bike


Kettlebell Swings x 10
Kettlebell Squat Rows x 10
Kettlebell Squat with Leg Raise x 10 (5 each leg)
Weighted Side Bends x 10 each side
1 minute rowing machine


Repeat 4 - 5 sets


8 minutes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on a treadmill
30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest

Cool down on bikes or walking (and chatting) on treadmill 


This routine is an effective way to increase cardiovascular fitness and give your whole body a workout! I'd love to hear your fresh training ideas via Twitter (@JadeHunter_) or Instagram (@JadeHunter56)

It's been a very busy few weeks for Jade's Life. I'm excited to bring you the latest news, nutrition, exercise, health products and fashion reviews.

Love Jade