Monday, 15 October 2012

Look at these Women!!!

Be Inspired....

Through the wonders of social media there are some things that catch your eye, I'll see a post, story or picture and think 'good on you!' For every 10 people sitting on their couches doing nothing, posting pictures of their dinners and bitching about boring co workers, there is one person who is actually getting out there, taking the bull by the horns and going for their dreams. 
I love seeing things like this, positive women (and men, but this ones for the girls) really making a difference in their chosen industries and doing things that they love.
I always feel so inspired when I see these stories and asked some of these go- getting girls if they would share their stories with me, so I could share them with you.

These three are making their way in very different fields, a Melbourne model making it big; a promo model turned 'up and coming' DJ and a marine biology student with a crazy love for sharks! They have all been kind enough to share an insight into their worlds and what makes them tick…. 

Ana Kingsley
20 years old
model/ uni student

What is your biggest achievement so far? 

Finishing year 12? Haha. Being on the front cover of Fjorde magazine twice in a row was pretty big. Although, my favourite memories of shoots are when they're not planned, there's just a group of creative people together and inspired to shoot just to get amazing images.

Who inspired you?

My Mum has always been a big support but it was mainly just flicking through magazines and thinking 'I want to be that girl'. I think I still do that. But a Big inspiration for me is the 1998 film Gia with Angelina Jolie. I find it really emotional to watch, it's beautifully filmed.

How do you think 15 year old Ana would feel if she could see you now

Ahhhh, overwhelmed. I never thought I'd be where I am now in this industry. And enjoying myself so much. I'm very thankful that this has given me opportunities to travel. 

What is your next goal to achieve? Where should we look out for you?

I have no idea, you never know what opportunities lay around the corner. One dream of mine is to be on the front cover of Vogue one day and in clothing campaigns on billboards and jetting around the globe to be in designer label runways for different fashion weeks.

What positive message would you send to young women wanting to follow their dreams?

If you want it badly enough, it will happen. Keep doing things and striving for what your dreams are because when you realise your dreams are starting to become reality, life becomes surreal. Just don't forget the small people.

    • Jasmine Price aka DJ J lea
    • 27 years old
      Promotions model/ Hostess/soon to be professional DJ!

      What inspired you to start DJing? 

    • I have always loved music and been into the nightlife scene, music does truly make my world go round.
      Having lived in London for two years I witnessed the extremely
      talented Djs & Artists on the scene over there. Which really made me feel like it was something that I needed to be a part of. I love change and was ready for a new challenge so no it wasn't hard to make the change (from previous career)

      What is your biggest achievement so far? 

      Getting selected as one of the your shot contestants which allowed me the chance to pursue djing along with performing a 25 minute set to a crowd of people for the first time.

      Where can we look out for you in the future? 

      I would like to say I will be moving back to London to Dj over there professionally, but at this point I am just focusing on getting myself established here in Australia and then will see where it takes me. If I end up back in London or America that would be amazing. As far as djing at festivals that is something i would love to be a part of also!

      What advice would you give to other girls who want to follow their dreams? 

      Go for it, the only person that can make it happen is you so don't let anything stand in your way if it is what you truly want. Take the chances that come your way big or small you never know where they will lead!

Sarah Richmond

22 years old
 Uni student- doing my Honours year of research

What is the Sarah Shark Project about?

The Sarah Shark Project is an independently produced series of six documentaries filmed around Australia focusing on the natural history of sharks, the public perception of sharks, diving with sharks, and the conservation of sharks and the environments in which they inhabit.
We want to show people how these handsome animals interrelate with both humans and the world around them, and how, if we lose them, we threaten the health and stability of our oceans and risk losing what we see today.

A day in the life- So on one of your busier days, from wake up to sleep tell us what it might involve.

On a filming day – well, every shoot is different, however it would usually involve waking up at some uncivilised hour to do some to camera segments before gearing up for a dive. We always run through the shots we want to get on the dive, but it’s wild (obviously), so we have to take it as it comes. Filming on the dives is always fun. My job is to try find ways of getting myself into the frame with the shark/s, without annoying them too much. Certain species are easier to film with than others, and each shark has a different personality – some are players and seem to lap up the camera, while others just want to be left alone. After the dives, we usually have a few interviews to film, and then we take to the streets to pose the public with a question about a particular shark issue, eg; do you know what flake is, have you ever eaten flake, and if so, did you know what species it was you were eating? We then always try film our token sunset shot, before heading home to gorge ourselves on food, watch back the footage and kick our feet up with a sneaky 

How do you think 15 year old Sarah would feel if she could see you now?  

Ahaha, ah 15-year-old me, ay. She’d probably tell me to “..stop being such a nerd, go buy a slab of pulse and get drunk.” Na, I think 15-year-old Sarah would be proud, she’d be stoked that I’m diving with Sharks on a weekly basis, and she’d be glad I pulled it together and went to Uni. She would also be exceedingly surprised that I am the presenter of an independently made documentary series, arrogantly named Sarah Shark. I certainly wouldn’t have seen that one coming. 

Biggest life lesson you have learnt so far and how. 

Hmm, biggest life lesson so far, is to become a “yes man”. Its cliché I know. But if I had of continued in my habitual “stay-in-my-comfort-zone” ways, I wouldn’t be where I am today, helping make a positive change in the way people perceive Sharks.

I would like to thank Ana, Jasmine and Sarah for their contribution to this blog but also to the bigger picture. It takes courage and determination to follow your dreams and these stories are inspiration to everyone that they can come true! So for everybody out there who thinks 'I'll get around to it one day'- Let TODAY be your day! Enrol in that course, look for that new job, ask your mentors how they did it, get up, speak up and LIVE IT UP!!!