Monday, 29 October 2012

Your Most Fashionable Spring Racing Carnival!!

Melbourne Spring Racing!

This is what s Melbournians look forward to all year! Spring Racing embodies everything that makes Melbourne great, the fashion, fun, sport, excitement and all getting together for a bottle of champagne! 

Fashions and trends change so much year to year so I thought I'd give some of my best tips for having an amazing day at the races as well as asking the experts about the trends for 2012. 

No matter which race day you go to the most important thing is to have a great group of people and to have fun! Here are my most important tips for making the most of of the races this year~

Drink Water- It's a long day to be out in the sun so make sure you stay hydrated- not only for your health but also so you can last the distance into the night! Nobody wants to be that girl at only 2pm and already stumbling around with smeared makeup and heels in hand!
Speaking of heels in hand- my next tip is to take flats! Just in case! A cute pair of jewelled thongs or ballet flats to match your dress is fine and you don't even have to get them out until the end but after a full day in heels and you're waiting in that huge line for your lift or train home those flats will be the envy of every other girl with throbbing feet! 
Go to a Great Afterparty! Melbourne really fires up during races and there are so many venues taking advantage of this and opening earlier for ticketed events! My best picks this year would be either Baroq, Adam behind Eve, Barkly Hotel or Motel in South Melbourne. 

Now to Fashion… 

Traditionally the days of the Spring Carnival all have their own themes and dress codes but over time they have been lost a little with some racegoers being completely unaware that each day even has it's own type of flower! Here is a little refresher-

Derby Day~ Traditionally black and white, Derby day has the most adhered to dress code of the race days. The flower is the cornflower.
Melbourne Cup~ The day to really show it off! Big bright colours and flamboyancy are great for the main day with the yellow rose as the flower.
Oaks Day~ Oaks Day is Ladies day so traditionally the colours to wear are softer and more feminine- think pastels and lace gloves as well as the beautiful pink rose! 
Stakes Day~ The most relaxed day of the Spring Carnival, it's known as family day and the red rose is the flower of choice!

So you can put together the best look for the races this year I have asked some experts in the industry, from fashion to makeup and hair- here are the current looks and trends we should be embracing!


"To me the Spring Racing season evokes feelings of passion, energy and renewal. This is shown in the colours in the dresses, hats and make-up that are worn!
Make sure your skin is hydrated by using night cream and a face mask the night before and ensure that you drink plenty of water to create a radiant and fresh glow.
To me when I think of spring, I think cherry blossom, Jacaranda and strawberries- using these colours will create a fresh look for racing day.
Strong lip colour such as red, bright pink, bright orange gives a glamourous look and that 'pop' of colour for the season!
Strong eyebrows and lots of mascara on the eyelashes will enhance the face shape for a sexy, fashionable look.
Keep things simple on the nails so they don't detract from the rest of your outfit by using a simple shell pink or nude colour."
Hanae Mikami- Make up artist, Estee Lauder


"The trend that we're noticing this year is towards beautifully structured fascinators in classic silhouettes. We've been experiencing a resurgence of all things vintage in recent years with the explosion in popularity of television shows like Mad Men. And although much of this seasons race-wear has a delightfully contemporary twist to it it's easy to see the influences of the past. I also think we're still seeing some of the influence of last year's Royal Wedding and the extraordinary work of iconic English milliner Philip Treacy."
~Anne Freeman- Founder, Pleasure, Little Treasure


"This year for the Spring Racing Carnival my clients are asking for sculpted buns and simple up-dos to go under fascinators and hats. Because the focus is on headwear for race fashion it's so important that your hair compliments the look.  The messy fishtail braid is also a huge fashion trend this year, as well as ladies opting for flowers in the hair for a fresh spring look."

~Nicole Healy, Hair Stylist, Anaka Hair


"Here are my top looks and trends in no particular order!
Peplum, a throw back to the 80s, pretty peplum skirts are back. Appearing in shows like Jason Wu and Badgley Mischka at New York Fashion week this lady like trend is sophisticated and flattering.
Lemon Yellow. Lagerfeld did a whole collection of yellows for Chanel and now it's the Colour of the season. Statement colours have always been a key player during the spring carnival, with a cheerful circus yellow you'll be in good spirits all day long.
Power Prints. Loud colours with textured prints and bold images are a safe bet if you want a winning trifecta. This trend is great if teamed with classic shapes.
Classic lines. Simple clean and clear lines are a major look also, they help compliment the shape of a woman with curves. Clever lines on dresses help embrace these curves and takes you to the front of the crowd.
Neutral tones. Soft subtle signature style is a trend that never goes out of fashion. Keep things classy with ladylike white or a clean ivory and you could never go wrong."

Khanh Ong, Fashion Stylist and Designer

So I hope you enjoy the races in style with these expert tips! Thank you so much to the four exceptionally talented, glamourous and fashionable gurus of Melbourne, Hanea, Anne, Nicole and Khanh for helping me help others this race season! Look out for their work and designs at the track and be sure to book your appointments and snatch up your favourite designs while you can!

And thank you as always for taking the time to read my little blog :)