Sunday, 6 October 2013

South Yarra's Hidden Thirties

Welcome to the thirties! The era brought us lots of things including the zoot suit and art deco design but I've been lucky enough to experience the true undiscovered thirties venues that modern Melbourne has to offer.

38 Chairs

This week I have had my eyes opened to two of the 30's delights of South Yarra
Firstly is the delightfully quintessential Italian restaurant called 38 Chairs.. for obvious reasons.

For a cozy evening with authentic Italian food and vibe off the beaten track you can't go past this trendy little eatery. Tucked down a side street off chapel it's intimate atmosphere draws you in like a warming brandy on a cold night. Be welcomed and waited on by some very handsome and attentive attentive Italian men, indulged by good food and an impressive wine list! A great restaurant for a secret rendezvous, an intimate first date, or for any occasion where you want that extra personal touch of service. The size of the restaurant makes you feel like you are truly discovering one of Melbourne's best kept secrets and I'm almost sorry to let the cat out of the bag!


I also came across a new upcoming creative space opened by Jarra Steel who showcases fresh art work and exhibitions by emerging artists. The space was created as a medium for people to get together and discover the artistic culture that is breaking into our beautiful city.

As part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival I was invited to check out the opening exhibition "Hidden Beauty/  Mint".

The crowd was an eclectic mix of artists, friends, family and those who appreciate art; the pieces on display gave a lot for people to talk about and it was refreshing to hear conversation flowing as smoothly as the champagne as everybody relaxed and saw into the intricate perceptions of the artists.

As well as running into some of Melbourne's artistic faces such as Gonzalo Ceballos I also took the time out to talk to Bea Heymann who's work was displayed at the opening of this new creative hub.
 Bea is an old friend of mine and her work is truly inspirational; although she is only in her third year of fine arts at Monash her vision of how we view reality is so perceptive and the art and ideas at Space32 reflects that. Bea's piece uses art to capture the intimacy of being in someone else's sense of reality.

She explained to me that "every person has their own window into the world through their brain.. It's very difficult to be in the exactly same reality as someone else … because we can only be in one place and experience this small pocket of it."

It certainly gave me a lot to think about! Space32 is an innovative and fresh hub for emerging artists to be able to display their work and to expose the community to a range of art that they otherwise might not have the chance to experience.

The official launch is Friday 11th October and it is well worth a if you feel like soaking up some creative Melbourne culture with a difference.

Space 32 – Creative Hub, 32 Wilson Street, South Yarra 3141.