Monday, 28 October 2013

Cool things to do on your weekend!!

What a weekend! 

Another very interesting weekend in my busy little world; one of the ones you look back on and wonder how you managed to fit everything in and still feel rested on Monday?
My Friday night kicked off by moving house and no matter how many times you attempt to do that, it never gets any easier! I’ve finally had to admit that maybe there kind of might possibly be a small chance that I have too many handbags! But then again… There is always room for a new summer clutch! I'm loving my new space and the change makes me feel so free and strong! 

I took a well deserved break on Saturday morning and headed to the Abbortsford Convent with a girlfriend to check out their Farmers Market and open studios as well as the ‘Flourish’ Illustrators Exhibition and the Guitar Makers festival. There was so much going on! I’d definitely recommend grabbing a coffee and taking a stroll around the gardens. The Convent is one of those beautiful places that surprises you with it’s proximity to the city.  The history behind it is fascinating and well worth looking into! (For all those closet nerds like me who love that stuff!) I scored some great produce, wine and some beautiful illustrations to put in my room as well. 

Saturday Night was easily the standout, with the ‘Party with Familiar Strangers’ launch at hot new venue the Emerson. I was curious to check it out as there had been a lot of talk, so I dragged my handsome new man bag to South Yarra for a bit of a play! I’ll definitely follow up with some more details soon… but WOW. If you can’t find me over summer then chances are I’ll be at the Emerson!
I certainly got all the champagne I’d been missing last Thursday! The Emerson is owned by an international brand and we were fortunate enough to meet some of the team who’d flown in from Singapore for the launch. We were whisked into their VIP lounge and shown a great time. As the Veuve Clicquot flowed we made plenty of new friends and had a great laugh.  All the usual crowd were there, it’s was like a who’s who of Melbourne and I’m already looking forward to our next night out.

Luckily Ben didn’t indulge in quite as much champagne as I did because he was competing in a Volleyball tournament at South Melbourne on Sunday. I did my duty and went down to watch him play and I was actually very surprised. Beach Volleyball isn’t a sport I’d ever given too much thought but watching these fit guys on the beach has sure given me a new appreciation! Although I’m quite happy lying on the beach having a perv, for those of you who are looking for a new way to keep active and have fun over summer, it definitely ticks all the boxes! During a match you can burn as much as 200-300 calories as well as working on your tan at the same time.  For more information on how to get started check out the Vic Beach website-
On Sunday night I caught up with one of my best friends Mel who had moved interstate for love. Seeing her made me realise how truly special our friends are and how important it is to make the effort for them. Family you can’t choose but your friends are in your life because you want them there, because you share a very special connection and bond. I’m so grateful for the people that I choose to have in my life and for the moments with them that fill my heart with happiness. 

I hope everybody’s weekend was as productive and inspiring as mine and that there aren’t too many post Barkly hangovers floating around today!
I’ll keep you posted on the finer details of my new favourite playground and  also the gossip and tips for this years Spring Racing Carnival! 

Love Jade