Monday, 3 February 2014

Men are from Mars...

Sometimes it really does seem as though men are from Mars and women are from Venus.. and that we are speaking completely different languages!

Have you ever wanted to get inside a guys head for 5 minutes to work out what the hell is going on in there?

I’ve recruited a panel of everyday guys to help answer some of these questions… and give a little insight into those Mars brains of theirs!

Meet our Guys:

Ben Tucker
Occupation: Hospitality and Entertainment
Hobbies: Surfing
Life motto: Great things never came from comfort zones!

Ben Glynn:
Occupation: Osteopath/ Personal Trainer
Hobbies: Beach volleyball, guitar
Life motto: Same as Nike- Just do it
Adam Marjoram
Occupation: Auto One Driver
Hobbies: Gym, Cycling, volleyball and motorsport
Life motto: when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Joss Flanders
Occupation: Carpenter/project manager
Hobbies: Snow boarding and fitness
Life motto: Some of the best times you ever have are the ones you didn't plan

I gave our guys some female related topics... Here's what they had to say!

Spray tans:

Joss - On girls if it isn't over done it's fine on men questionable..

Ben T - Effectively destroying bed linen and helping girls mimic oompa loompas since the 60's! 


Joss - Everyone loves a selfie!

Ben T- Haha selfies! what a phenomenon they have become. I don't mind the odd selfie though, as long as it's tasteful or has a humorous caption. Even I have been known to take a selfie here and there.

Being checked in somewhere on Facebook:

Adam - Being checked in somewhere on Facebook: Maybe because social media is part of my job, but I can't go anywhere without checking in. When checking-in, you must have a good status to match, otherwise why check in?

Ben T - Sometimes you just don't want the rest of the population know who you are hanging out with for a number of reasons lol. Mass check in's kill me, relentless gym check ins are horrendous and sometime restaurants are boring. As with everything, it can be overdone. If it's not it's interesting, romantic or a special occasion, no one cares!

Chick Flicks:

Ben G - Love a RomCom. My favourite is the 40year old virgin. 2nd favourite: Braveheart

Ben T - Will probably regret saying this but I don't mind a chick flick with a bit of romance and some humour haha. As long as you're chilling with someone you like on a rainy Friday night indoors.

When girls cry:

Ben T - Seeing my girl cry breaks my heart and if it's a legitimate reason then guys should understand that girls are more emotional and deal with things differently to us. On the other hand, if you cry at the drop of the hat or are doing it for attention then I hope you're crying because you've realised how much of a moron you are... for everyones sake.

Ben G - I prefer when doves cry.

 Girls Thinking they're fat

Adam - Shouldn't let that define yourself, focus on other areas you are strong in and strive to reach your potential there. Otherwise, get some friends together and find a sport you enjoy, there is nothing like bonding over sport - on the plus side you also raise your fitness without feeling it! 

Ben T - I'm a big believer of that you only get out what you put in. Girls definitely are more self conscious and understandably so with the media and marketing these days but don't complain you're fat if you're out drinking every weekend and dropping past Ronald Mcdonald's place for a midnight snack on the way home. 

A perfect date:

Joss - Something unexpected, every girl expects dinner  so try to do something else fun!

Ben G - Might be a little picnic with some summer cocktails on a pristine and isolated beach that we just sailed to on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean (hopefully with no interference from the pirates of said region)

Texting a girl you like:

Adam - You always stay up that little bit later for that one person... You always get a nice little feeling in your stomach when you see their name pop up on the screen of your phone!

Joss - Painful if you really like her you don't want to come across needy, but check your phone every minute for a text.

If you could be a girl for a day:

Ben T- I'd obviously do all the things us boys would instinctively want to do first! Haha. Then I would put myself in situations that would stir certain emotions and stereotypical reactions to try and understand where you girls are coming from all the time. When I change back to a guy I would proceed to tell you all how crazy you are!

Joss- I'd go out do some flirting to see what it's like from a women's view, then do some naughty things for the same reason!

Deal breakers:

Adam - Smoking/Drugs

Joss - Being a complete bimbo- it's nice to be able to talk sometimes

Turn Offs:

Ben G - Posting selfies on FB in an attempt to be sexy!! Yuuuuckk!

Ben T - Drunk and annoying girls, fake girls, superficial girls and girls with bad dress sense haha is that superficial of me?
Turn Ons: 

Adam - Confidence and a sense of humour!

Ben G - A sexy girl doing a crossword/reading a good book

If you could give girls 1 piece of advice what would it be? 

Adam - Be confident in yourself. If you are, everything comes naturally - there is no better way to impress a guy than to just not worry about how you look, or how you do something. 

Ben T - Trust and honesty is a must in your relationships, no matter what has happened in the past. Also be yourself and be confident in yourself, it's one of the most attractive qualities you can posses. Also... a great bj fixes everything haha.

Ben G - Don't fake tan - winter is a time for pallor, and pale is just as good as tan.. but painted skin wins no friends. Horror.

Joss - Not to over plan your life. Yes set goals but don't not do something or not date someone because it doesn't fit your plan just run with it you might actually have some fun

If you have any other questions that you have always wondered and would like the guys to answer feel free to drop me a line via Twitter or post a comment..