Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How to Holiday the Healthy Way

Ok so the last thing you want to be doing on your holiday is to hit the gym and follow a strict diet. But it also sucks to get home and feel guilty for having a huge blow out!
Even when I'm traveling I like to to create a healthy balance of rest and play with exercise and nutrition.
I was lucky enough to escape the city for the long weekend and take off down the coast for some R&R time. 

It's refreshing to be out of the usual routine and great for the soul to be near the ocean. However it's so easy to be tempted by indulgent foods as well as a lack of motivation when your gym is so far away! 

Here are some of my favourite ways to keep fit when you are away from home- perfect to keep in mind when planning your Christmas and New Year trips! I love exploring and trying new things- sometimes I'm even more active on holidays than at home!

Research- When booking your holiday destination have a look at the activities that are offered in the area. Think of things like surfing lessons, horse riding, abseiling, bike riding or stand up paddle boarding! I found the most beautiful eco retreat that ran yoga classes and also an open air Pilates session overlooking the beach.
You don't have to try to do everything but picking one or two active ideas is a fun way to learn something new and get your body moving!

Walking- It's the best way to explore a new area; The joy of being on a break is that we have time to wander along beaches and into towns for dinner, instead of always taking a car.

Local Produce- Eating out on holidays can be detrimental to our diet and health goals. Why not see if you can find a local farmers market or organic store to get some fresh fruit and vegetables? Instead of always lunching at restaurants I often like to pack a picnic and find a nice spot in a park to stretch out in the sun.

Sparkling water- Nothing says 'holiday mode' like a fruity cocktail or glass of champagne! If you have a sparkling water with some fresh lemon or lime as every second drink it will not only help your figure but also the hangover the next day!

Recovery- Usually on holidays we spend our evenings at bars or nice restaurants, which can leave us feeling sluggish and unmotivated in the mornings. Refresh your body with a swim in the ocean or book a morning yoga class to help detox your body (but not too early!)

Pamper- One of the first things I'll look up when I'm planning a trip is the nearby day spas. I love having an afternoon facial or massage to really unwind. It's the best way to embrace those relaxing holiday vibes and revive your body!

Running- No matter where I am on holiday, running is my go-to exercise. Whether there is a bush trail, road or breach track. If your are beachside for your holiday then sprint sets on the sand is an awesome interval workout and you can cool off in the water afterwards! After a run, even if it's only a few ks, you won't feel guilty for enjoying delicious holiday indulgences!

Overall I had a beautiful weekend away; we did yoga, hiking, beach walks and checked out some incredible local art. It felt so good to wind down with day spa treatments, reading and some cheeky naps! I felt so great and refreshed that even getting up at 5.30 this morning for filming on the Neighbours set wasn't as hard as I thought!

I hope everyone else had an amazing long weekend! What are your ideas to keep healthy on trips? I'd love to hear about fun, active holiday tips!