Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fitness and Love- The Modern Relationship with E-Bachelor Luke D'Astoli

I chat to E-bachelor and personal trainer, Luke D'Astoli about fitness and health in relationships! 

Luke is a trainer of mine and a good personal friend. His mission to find a lucky lady to share his life has created quite a stir in the media- he is the ultimate gentleman, a renowned personal trainer, good looking, funny and knows more about fitness and health than anyone else I've ever met.
He is also a brilliant a writer, presenter and an ambassador for Lululemon. Conversations with Luke are fascinating! We got chatting recently and he was kind enough to share his thoughts on health and relationships.

So Luke, first of all congratulations on the buzz that 'Get Lucky with Luke' had drummed up! We've seen you in the Herald Sun, on the Today Show and you have even made International news! You are quite the catch....

So explain how 'Get Lucky with Luke' works? 
Get Lucky With Luke was created for two main purposes:
1) As a means for me to announce that yes, I am single and am keen to meet someone worthwhile. 
2) It's also a simple way for friends of mine to share that fact with other single, eligible friends of theirs.

If we do meet and hit it off, it gives our mutual friend the warming glow that comes with playing Cupid.

Why do you think it's important it is for your partner to share similar health and lifestyle goals? 
It's fundamentally important really. A fit and healthy lifestyle gives you the opportunity to be the best version of yourself and has a huge impact on your emotional state. Ideally you want a happy partner who can join in on activities with you.
Through your work as a personal trainer do you see many couples who train/ workout together? 
I do. They say that the couple that plays together, stays together and there are definitely couples for whom that is true. I've also seen another couple fight during a session so that wasn't so productive for them!!!

What are the benefits of having your lover/ spouse as a training partner as well? 
The benefits are many and varied. If you choose a fun, games based workout then it becomes another opportunity to share a joyful experience which will further consolidate your relationship. There's also the respect that you gain for a training partner when you see them push their limits and achieve new goals.

What are some fun exercises you can do with a partner? (Outside the bedroom of course!) 
It can be something as simple as throwing a ball to each other or tapping a balloon around while you're doing some squats. If you've got some skills you might start looking at Acro Yoga type movements, or if you like a competitive element you might choose to challenge each other on exercises. See how long you can hold a plank or a hang and things like that. You can easily get creative.

You are also an expert on nutrition; is cooking skills one of the things you will be judging the ladies on? 
I do like to eat... a lot. I have been spoiled with some talented cooks in the past so it would definitely be an asset to have a great cook as a partner. Having said that, it's not a make or break.

How does it make it easier for partners to share similar diets? 
It's obviously a lot easier to make double portions of one meal rather than two separate meals so that will definitely help. It can be easy enough to mix and match but a strict vegan might be troubled by the presence of a genuine omnivore like myself.

What's your favourite healthy meal that you'd cook to impress a lady? 
I'm a big fan of mexican food, so I'd probably go with something like fajitas.

And what was your current deadlift goal that you achieved? 
I followed a structured training program over a 12 week period and that allowed me to increase my maximum deadlift from 165kg to 200kgs. I was happy with the progress and it makes picking up day to day objects (or people) that much easier. 
(See ladies- I told you he is a catch!)

Is there anything else you'd like to add? 
Hopefully people find the Get Lucky With Luke page to be a non threatening way of getting to know me. If they like me they can hang around and I always reply to people's messages. If not, then they can happily continue on with their lives!
Goodluck to Luke on his search for love, any ladies who'd like to get involved check out the Facebook page
'Get Lucky with Luke' 
My thoughts- 
As a personal note, I think that having a partner who motivates and inspires you is a precious thing. It's so much fun to be able to keep healthy together and appreciate each others body in a different light. You can feel quite vulnerable when you are pushing your limits and sharing that creates a new level of trust with your partner. There are so many great active things to do together, hikes, surfing, charity runs and I've even dragged my man to yoga!
 It's also great to have somebody who supports your diet and lifestyle, won't complain that you put kale in everything and even when your protein smoothie experiments don't go according to plan, they swear that it's delicious anyway! (Maybe just warn them before you OD on raw eggs or olive leaf extract)

It's important to have different interests and hobbies, opposites attract after all! But health and well being is such a fundamental part of life that it really does enhance your relationship to be able to share that with the one you love. 
Do you know a couple who train together and who find romance through fitness? I'd love to hear and share the love stories on how health and fitness can bring people together and enhance relationships...Feel free to email, tweet me or comment to share :)