Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Wake Up Flawless

Busy girls guide to looking glam without makeup!

Are you a gym bunny, busy mum or  career woman on the go? Some superwomen are all three! Regardless of what your days are filled with, life is too short to spend time in front of the mirror worrying about makeup!

Avoid next day awkwardness if you 'play sleepovers' unexpectedly! No panda eyes or foundation left on the pillow.

2014 was the year of the #nomakeupselfie and 2015 is the year to put this into practice everyday!

If you're particularly attached to your bronzer or can't leave the house without mascara then here are some great beauty ideas for bare faced confidence.

Gradual Tan- Using a gradual tanner will help even out your skin tone without applying foundation. Great for all over the body and face, it's the easy, natural looking way to be ready for any occasion. My favourite is Mine Tan three-in-one gradual tan. It's gentle enough to use all over; even on sensitive skin. No tan lines or orange cake face, just your own gorgeous features with an added glow.

Teeth Whitening- The most effective way to enhance your smile is to brighten up your pearly whites. Having your teeth whitened will give you more confidence and another reason to smile! It's no secret that I love an occasional glass of red wine! (I know that my friends reading this will be rolling their eyes at this point or smiling remembering one of many great nights on the red!) However red wine, along with coffee and foods with strong pigment (think deep colours like spinach and beetroot!) can dim your smile over time. I visited Pure Smile in Sydney recently and was thrilled with the results. There are plenty of at home treatments to top up the treatment as well, so you can keep enjoying your favourite pinot guilt free!

Eyelash extensions- I'm not talking about huge stripper eyelashes! When I worked at Luella in Prahran years ago I was amazed to see how natural and lovely eyelash extensions can look! Particularly useful if you don't have time for mascara, have sensitive eyes or if you exercise a lot. I had them done when I was doing lots of Bikram Yoga, because mascara is ALWAYS a bad idea if you plan to get sweaty after work!

Arnica Cream- This little beauty secret is the best tool to improve dark circles under the eyes. It is an anti inflammatory cream that is often used to treat skin bruising, but a little dab under the eyes will help lighten any signs of a big night out.

After working in the beauty industry for years as a therapist, laser technician and manager it's nice to be able to share some tricks of the trade!

Have I missed anything? Let me know your other makeup free beauty tips!