Sunday, 19 August 2012

The stories behind the photos...

Since I started modelling several years ago I've had some really great experiences. I feel so lucky to be offered work doing something that I love. Although I don't do runway or high fashion due to my height, I am booked regularly for a variety of different jobs, mostly advertising campaigns. These are just some random little stories that show what is happening to create different images, as models we get pinned and pulled and frozen and dirty and soaked! But it's all so much fun, there are also the really fun ones, like an ad for a beer company when we were all told to jump around and party and pretend to drink beer at 9am! Or a job I did for a makeup company where I just had to sit and have my makeup done for 3 hours, which usually happens before the shooting starts instead of being the actual focus! I picked these images because of how unique they are and because I think its interesting to hear the real story behind a photo, there is always so much going on to create that perfect shot. Some of these images are up to a few years old from when I first started modelling, to my more recent work and they each show a different side to the kind of work that we do. I hope you enjoy reading!

This series was so much fun to shoot, the location was a private property in Gembrook in some beautiful bush land. It was very hard work however, we had so many shots to get and it had to be in the perfect light! No shoot is ever completely without drama and as well as the headdress being exceptionally hard to balance in the breeze the other model I was working with actually fell in the lake! Was a very memorable shoot!

This shot is actually me just relaxing in between takes, while the lighting was being set up. I guess a lot of shots are flukes like this and the photographer caught the moment perfectly, it's one of my favourite shots still, even though it's a few years old now.
This was a really fun but absolutely freezing cold shoot and as you can see very messy! I did do a little bit of glamour modelling when I first started and was still working out which style I liked, this was my last glamour shoot before I moved into more commercial modelling. It was with one of my favourite photographers, Frank Sartori. on a day like that when it's so cold its really hard to keep your expression from showing it and in some I the shots I look absolutely frozen!
This was an edgy bridal shoot and had a bit of a twist, there was a very specific pose the director wanted, with a wet and clinging dress. It was done in a studio so the dress kept drying too quickly under the lights to perfect the pose so I had a team of designated water sprayers who would come in every few shots and start spraying the dress to create the effect and make it cling in the right places without going too see through, however in the end they didn't choose one of the wet look shots anyway! 

For this shot it was done at the end of the day, just before we all went home, I was back in my cardigan and had started to take the makeup off and the pins from my hair when the photographer had an idea for the shot. So I was dragged back to set with makeup still all over my face and told to give the camera some attitude. It had been a long day and so I think I was fed up enough that I got the anger across to the image! 

The work I did for Alf Caruana was definitely my edgiest and darkest, the makeup was extraordinary (it looks ghostly) and the light effects behind the shots are actually from someone being up on a ladder above me and using a sieve to sift flour so it falls into the light (and all over me!) I probably wouldn't do anything as risky as those shots again but it was a lot of fun and Alf is an outstanding photographer!