Thursday, 20 September 2012

Taking the blindfold off when it comes to Beauty Products!

Beauty Breakthroughs and Special Upcoming Events!

Now there has been lots of very exciting things happening in the beauty and cosmetics industry the last few years but if we don't keep up to date constantly it's like going in blind when it comes to knowing what is the best option available.

Technology is being developed at an amazing rate and it's hard to keep up with the most current and effective beauty treatments to suit our skin.
I thought I'd write about two products that really stand out for me and are worth giving a try.

I've also mentioned some upcoming events in The David Jones Melbourne store based around these products which are fantastic to take advantage of. These special events that are run every now and then are such a great way to learn about new products from the experts and get some great deals on the latest products. Anyone can book in for them but they usually have limited spots. If you will be in the city around those dates I really recommend checking them out, or even enquiring on other events run by your favourite brands!

SK 11 Facial Treatment Essence

Many people have now heard about the incredible discovery behind the skincare company SK 11 (pronounced 'SK Two', not 'ski!') but for those who haven't it's actually a fascinating story. 
In the 1970's a japanese scientist noticed something quite unique about elderly sake brewers; although there faces were wrinkled and aged, their hands were incredibly smooth and youthful due to their constant interaction with the yeast fermentation process. This discovery led to the formulation of an ingredient called Pitera. Pitera consists of vitamins and minerals and proteins that match the nutrients in the skin and is found in all SK11 products. It will renew the skin, keeping it supple, radiant and clear. 
The Facial Treatment Essence is more than 90% Pitera and only 2-3 drops per day underneath your moisturiser is needed to help hydrate and treat the skin. The retail price is $100 for 75ml.
SK11 offers a wide range of facial products, all with this unique ingredient.
A good way to try the products and also treat yourself is through the services offered by the cosmetic counters. 
For example, the David Jones Bourke st counter is offering free hour long facials using their full range for purchase of ANY two of their products from 1st October - 20th October. 
To make an appointment and try this amazing product or to find out more about SK11 you can call the counter directly to speak to an expert on 96432472
I absolutely swear by the essence and have already booked in for a facial myself! 

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

The scientists at Clinique were the first to discover a way to fade pigmentation caused by sun damage, hormones or scarring in a safe and ongoing treatment. This is the last step before laser treatment to remove dark spots. 
A lot of women suffer from hormonal pigmentation during pregnancy, the sun can cause age spots in men and women and we also have those annoying little blemishes from pimples that never seemed to heal! 
This serum is the easiest way to fade those spots, used twice daily and always with sun protection (the sun is what causes these spots to over produce melanin and darken) you can get up to 53% reduction over about 8 weeks. 
It uses a botanical extract and also some exfoliants to break up the pigmentation and also increase your cell turnover so that the new, clear skin comes to the surface faster. Although to completely remove most pigmentation you will need some kind of laser treatment, the Even Better Clinical will fade it to almost unnoticeable in most cases. 
They have just released an eye cream which has been advertised on the TV a lot, offering a 30% reduction in dark circles around the eyes. So now the boss doesn't need to know when you have had a big night! Haha. 
This product in particular is one of my favourites, most eye creams can only hydrate to reduce puffiness and make the circles appear  brighter- but this one actually fades them! It's also very well priced for a prestige brand eye cream- only $50! 
The Clinique counter at David Jones is running a special Masterclass around these products, so you can go along and learn about exactly how they work, if they will suit your skin and also about all the tips of how you can create the clearest skin possible, from daily skincare to makeup and coverage. This is for only one night, Thursday 27th of September. 
Its designed as an elegant high tea, with only about 10- 15 people in each session so that you can really get the most out of it. 
It's only a $30 booking fee, which is redeemable on products purchased and there will be special gifts for anybody who purchases any of the products as well. 
If you are interested and want to make a fun afternoon with a few friends feel free to call the counter on 96432419 for more details.

I hope that you do yourself a favour and try some of these products! The reason I mentioned them and decided to write a post is because they are things that I use everyday and that really work for me. I write about what I believe in and want to share with people. With skincare it really is hard to know where to start but clear skin is usually the aim so these are the two standout products in the industry at the moment! Its important to stay educated and keep your eyes open for new products and to actively take part in protecting and repairing our skin!