Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fit way of life.. Or fit fashion statment?


I was so happy to be a part of Lorna Jane Active Nation Day on Sunday. After a ridiculously early start following AFL Grand Final celebrations, Lucy and I headed to St.Kilda foreshore for a morning of active fun!

I truly got so much out of the LJ event, it was inspiring to see everybody come together and support the active living philosophy.

Sweat & Oranges duo Jayne and Katie led a fun group workout to get everybody moving. There were women of all ages and fitness ranges joining in, from newbies to personal trainers.

 Lucy is a clean eating advocate and has a great meal inspiration Insta page @projectinsideandout. So the LJ market place was like a dream come true for health nuts like us! Pressed green juices, kale salads, coconut yogurt, essential oils, bliss balls and chai tea. There was just so much goodness and 20% off Lorna Jane as well! After a little retail delight we explored the stalls and rolled out our yoga mats for a picnic by the beach.


On the way home Lucy and I chatted about our new purchases and both agreed that there is something so motivating about getting new fitness gear! A fresh splash of colour seems to spur you on.

Lucy knew exactly what I meant. At the start of her fitness journey she had decided not to buy new workout clothes until she was at her goal weight. Although she admitted that she gave in and decided to get a new bright workout top and tights as a way to inspire her. She confessed that "I felt as crummy as I looked, which really sapped my motivation. Those clothes held lots of negativity for me as I felt that I didn't deserve nice clothes until I was skinny."

We all know that it shouldn’t matter what you wear at the gym- you’re working out for god sake! But somehow gym apparel has turned into a fashion statement. Although it shouldn't matter what we wear, feeling good in our gym clothes is actually really important, as Lucy discovered. 

"I bought my new clothes and realised I DID deserve them because no matter what I weighed, I was out there busting my gut and making an effort"
She said that she was nervous the first time she wore her new gear.

“I felt like people would think I was a fraud somehow because I wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be yet. But it did inspire me to push myself and have an awesome workout.”

“Looking the part made me feel like I had to prove myself so I put in an awesome session. I thought; if I’d seen someone working out like that I’d have respect for them.”

Why does having decent workout gear make such a difference to motivation levels? Because we start to embody what it symbolizes. Brands are aware of this and use it to incorporate inspiring and motivating messages. It’s a powerful thing. 

Gym clothing label JPorter is a great example of that sense of community within a fitness brand. 

"We choose to call our customers our Wolfpack, because it tightens our community, strengthens our identity, and unifies us as a family. " Says founder, Josh Porter. 

"We are passionate about giving back as much energy and courage to our customers as possible. Our motivation comes from motivating others, and our slogan is Fortune Favours The Bold"

The philosophies of companies such as JPorter, Lorna Jane and Lululemon encourage us to keep fit and feel strong. It's also created a huge trend as gym inspiration spills into mainstream fashion.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week showcased how designers have clued onto this and my recent research for an article on Alexander Wang workout collection reinforced how our gym clothes have become a status symbol. Are we actually wearing it to exercise or just putting on our favourite threads to grab a latte and give an illusion of fitness?

Don't get me wrong- I love that athletic luxe is a trend; If I have the option I’ll always opt for my Nikes and a sports bra, even if I am just going to get coffee! (guilty)

I love that being fit and looking the part makes women feel confident and sexy, and we can still be comfortable at the same time! Thank god this isn’t Sex & the City and we don’t have to wear a full face of makeup, an oversized flower and a pair of stilettos just to pop down to the shops. Now it’s all about yoga pants and hoodies! (With the appropriate expensive branding or inspiring slogan splashed across the front of course) ;) 

Active wear brands are helping create a positive culture by making their clothes represent more than just gym sweats. You begin to embody the active lifestyle that it represents and start to feel better on the inside as well. 

 Josh sums it up perfectly-

"We want people to feel bold when they wear our brand, and confident that with courage they can control their future and overcome any obstacle."