Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Keeping Busy & Staying Young

 Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

- Buddha

Life has been really busy lately with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, some exciting new collaborations with the awesome Cocktail Revolution team and Korial Swimwear. I've also been writing for the soon to be launched Milkshake Magazine. And most importantly I've started my new adventure with skincare and wellbeing range Jeunesse!

 I’m really excited to be involved in something I’m so passionate about. I worked as a beauty therapist for several years and my work as a model means that I am particular about anti aging and using good skin care!

For me, true passion is something I want to share with the world. The things that I truly believe can change somebody's life... 

I am so inspired by the positive feedback from my readers who have found something in my posts to help them shine a little brighter. I've had such a varied journey and I am so grateful to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with others.

It’s actually because of beauty therapy that I started out as a writer. Doing product reviews and articles about skincare and beauty advice. I got to try so many great products and even met the beauty editor of Marie Claire magazine!

Almost 2 years ago now my friend Brent Guerra (who played for Hawthorn at the time) and I got chatting about Jeunesse. About what he and Steven Baker (formally St.Kilda Football Club) were doing with the company. I was intrigued and agreed to interview the guys for an article.

The meeting was eye opening in more ways than one! It was so funny listening to their stories about transitioning from the footy field to selling skincare! My favourite story was when Brent got confused with the gel supplement and put it on his face instead of the moisturizer! Haha. That’s what you get when men try to mix in womens business! Honestly though, they were great and it was really refreshing to see these guys talking so passionately about the brand.

I was also really curious about the science behind the products. Stem cell technology wasn’t something I’d heard too much about in skincare, even though I’d worked with many leading brands in different salons.

Without going into too much boring detail, here is a brief overview of how the products work.

The scientists behind the range have developed a growth factor complex that rejuvenates skin cells at a molecular level. This stimulates new cell production for increased collagen and elastin. Your skin appears plumper and firmer-because the formula works at a cellular level, your skin literally is younger.

My love of a healthy lifestyle and fitness goes hand in hand with the Reserve supplement and AM & PM vitamins. A perfect energy and nutrition boost post workout!

It felt like the right timing for me to team up with the guys and be able to help others discover Jeunesse. It’s a perfect fit for my lifestyle and my beliefs.

To get behind a brand like this isn’t something I’ve taken lightly. It has to be a product I really believe in and have tried and tested before I recommend it to my readers, friends, clients and followers.

For more information on what else is going on check out my website and hit up the Jeunesse more info button to read some more about the products! 


Any questions about ordering or for a personalised assessment and explanation feel free to contact me via twitter or my website!

I also can’t wait to bring you the news from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week- As well as Nike and Lululemon having runways at the Hub it’s also been great to see so many sporty inspired designs!