Sunday, 31 May 2015

Nutrition myths busted- Introducing Tim Crowe

Jade's Life has become so much more than just telling people about my own experiences. I want to make sure that I offer accurate advice from trained specialists, so that readers aren’t being duped into another fad or trusting someone who thinks that taking photos of their six pack makes them an expert.

Nutrition has become a real passion of mine over the last few years, creeping up from a casual curiosity of what I’m putting into my body to using diet research books as my leisure reading and googling the nutritional value of every ingredient I put into my food. 

But a passion for health and my own diet needs doesn’t make me an expert. Especially after the notorious wellness blogger, Belle Gibson came out as a fraud, it makes us realise that we have to know if what we are reading is actual fact or just someone trying to gain likes on an Instagram picture of their poached eggs.

I didn’t want to be one of these bloggers; I want to give REAL advice that you can trust. So I’m very happy to announce that I have collaborated with Tim Crowe, to bring his nutrition knowledge to my little blog. Tim Crowe is an Associate Professor in Nutrition in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University in Melbourne and an Accredited Practising Dietician. His work can be found on his website Thinking Nutrition.

"The media is a big influence on our perception about foods. We have so many choices about where to get information on nutrition and health and what you read can vary quite a lot depending on what sources you go to." says Tim.  "I actually don't talk much about diets anymore. I talk about dietary patterns. For example, what is the theme of  heathy low carbohydrate diet and how does that compare to a healthy vegetarian diet?" Tim's aim is to "be proactive in providing credible and evidence- based nutrition messages in a straight forward language."

Jade’s Life is pretty simple and I want to keep it that way. But now readers can be reassured that they can trust the nutritional information provided on the site and it’s not going to sell an unrealistic expectation of what your body needs. I'll regularly be bringing you Tim's advice as well as my own research into different food and diet ideas. This might include new information, comparisions, research, reviews, rants and recipes.

My cooking still hasn’t gotten any better though; so don’t expect miracles in the recipe department! It will still be my unique ‘make it up as I go’ style but I’ll do my best to incorporate Tim’s advice and comments so you know why I’m choosing to eat the way that I do. With his help I’ll bring you the real truth about super foods and super myths. I’ll do my best to simplify the science behind these diet ideas.

Jade’s Life is still going to bring you a mix of beauty, exercise, fit fashion and lifestyle events. I’ll continue on my mission to turn the whole world into stylish, kale eating yogis, one blog at a time (Haha, not really!)

Love Jade