Saturday, 11 August 2012

We all have our wicked side....

So my last entry was about all the lovely, amazing benefits of tea! However most of us still need that kick start coffee for the day or occasionally like to indulge in something a little different. So to even things up I'm going to tell you a little about my favourite coffee spots in Melbourne and how I worked out that I have very consistent taste in coffee! 

Now a lot of these are in South Melbourne, not just because it's our new hood but because it's a very easy area to get great coffee in! Some of these places you might have heard of, others I might be cracking open the little known secrets of the Melbourne coffee world! 
In no particular order, here goes…

Chez Dre' - Coventry st South Melbourne. This cafe is on a little cobbled lane off Coventry st. It has a nice, open feel and access via a cute courtyard as well. The macrons and coffee are amazing! It has a trendy open kitchen so you can see your food being prepared and the menu is great for breakfast and lunch with lots of vegetarian options! 

St Ali- Yarra Place South Melbourne. I first discovered this coffee place a few years ago, hidden down a quiet lane way off coventry st. One of it's baristas has won global awards for coffee making and they really know their stuff! Go in, ask them to surprise you with something incredible and you will really be in for a treat!

Eden Espresso- Glenferrie rd Malvern. This place was recommended by my friend Katelyn and I wasn't disappointed, the atmosphere is great, the little deck out the back is perfect for sitting back, taking time out to feel as though your much further out of the city and drink the top quality coffee that they are known for. They also do an awesome french toast!

Dead Mans Espresso- Market st South Melbourne. One day when there was a big line to get in St Alis we decided to try our luck with the 'Melbourne Coffee review' app for iphone and see what else was around. The atmosphere at Dead Mans Espresso was so nice! We did only have time for takeaway coffee but next time we go back we will definitely sit down and have breakfast, it felt quieter because of the layout but you could tell it was a popular place. Once we tasted the coffee we could see why! I noticed the name of the coffee that they use and realised it was the same that is used at one of my other favourite places!

Brother Baba Budan- Little Bourke st, Melbourne. After a nice stroll down hardware lane we stopped at our favourite macaroon place for some treats and asked if they could recommend some good coffee nearby, without hesitation they sent us to what is now my favourite coffee place of all time. Brother Baba Budan is a quirky little cafe which is open 7 days and has a busy, eccentric atmosphere which at first I found a little rushed but after my second visit I came to embrace. Its cosy and quirky from the one large table that takes up almost the whole place to the wooden chairs hanging from the ceiling. The barista and staff are very friendly and you can tell they love the vibe there as much as the customers. The first time I tasted their coffee my eyes literally lit up. I was never much of a coffee drinker but I absolutely had to know which coffee that was! On my next visit we even bought some ground coffee beans for our plunger (although it never tastes quite the same at home). The name of the coffee is Seven Seeds and it's used at Dead Mans Espresso as well. 

Seven Seeds- Berkeley St, Carlton- After looking it up I discovered that seven seeds is a cafe in Carlton that also roasts its own coffee. Although I haven't had time to get there yet I can only imagine that if its a larger version of my favourite it must be in my top picks! They own 3 cafes, Seven Seeds, Brother Baba Budan and also another cafe called De Clieu in Fitzroy. All 3 places are named after the historical 17th Century story of how Baba Budan smuggled 7 seeds of fertile coffee out of Yemen and into India so it could be grown, brewed and drunk worldwide. Also how Gabriel de Clieu helped to bring coffee to western society. All 3 places are definitely worth a visit! 
The Auction Rooms- Errol st North Melbourne. Known for serving some of the best coffee in Melbourne, they have been recognised many times as being one of the leaders in modern coffee making and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Just like with St Ali's, be prepared to queue to get in on weekends!