Thursday, 14 May 2015

Why Wanderlust?

Swisse bring us a weekend party that our bodies will actually appreciate!

It's time to start treating our bodies well and give them something to feel great about on Monday morning.

Fitness festivals are the latest event trend, with people gather to exercise and unite over healthy living. It’s so much more invigorating and motivating than getting wasted in a mosh pit to a band you wont remember, losing your phone and dignity (both because of too small shorts) and then feeling like death for 2 days afterwards. Instead why not do something to make your body feel alive and vibrant, in an environment full of good vibes and positive energy? 
These are my kinds of festivals, lots of movement, green juices, active wear stalls, goodie bags filled with protein treats and more! Through Jade’s Life I’ve loved being a part of the Lorna Jane Active Day, Melbourne Fitness expo, Savi Chix Foundation Training and Nike+TC Tour.

One festival that embodies everything I love about healthy culture is Wanderlust 108! It’s a yoga lovers dream; a day packed with fitness, mindfulness, meditation and yoga events. Earlier in the year, yogis and health gurus swanned to Sydney’s Cockatoo Island for 3 days of sunshine, yoga and exercise. Now the fun is coming to Melbourne!

Wanderlust embraces the core of wellbeing values and incorporates health for body, mind and spirit. It’s a “mindful triathlon” of events, with a 5 km run, 90 min yoga class and guided meditation all held in the Catani Gardens in St Kilda.  Djs and live bands will set the mood, described as the 'beating heart of Wanderlust. There will be an abundance of activities and local goodies and crafts to check out.

Swisse are bringing their own blend of health and wellness to the event, with their newest ambassador, Melbourne Vixens captain Bianca Chatfield participating in all of the days events. Thanks to my previous work with Melbourne Vixens and Netball Victoria, I know what an incredible healthy living advocate and worthy role model she is.  

A healthy balanced lifestyle is about exercise but more importantly what you’re putting in your body. At Wanderlust Melbourne expect to find all kind of healthy goodies, with bliss balls, bars and delicious smoothies and meals from wholefoods café’ Mastic, created by another Swisses ambassador, George Calombaris. There will be an abundance of delicious, wholesome treats and new superfood ideas!

This weekend is shaping up to being a beautiful day, celebrating all the positive things about wellbeing and loving the skin you’re in. Wanderlust is the perfect way to add inspiration to your everyday routine and embrace your natural energy and zen. 

Tickets to this day of bliss are on sale now. A portion of proceeds go to The Celebrate Life Foundation, which aims to inspire wellness throughout communities and reduce the trend of preventable diseases.

Wanderlust 108 Melbourne
Saturday 16th May
St Kilda Catani Gardens

Tickets here