Monday, 4 May 2015

Live Below the Line: My $2 a Day Challenge- The Beginning

This challenge is to raise awareness for those in the world who live below the poverty line. They get by on as little as $2 worth of food a day. I love to fuel my body and put the right things in it, I'll reach for a $12 jar of coconut oil or $7 bottle of almond milk at an organic grocer without much thought or spend $10 on a protein smoothie after a workout. I'm taking this challenge to help raise money for the cause but also enhance my own awareness of what I am consuming. Could I get by on just $2 a day? We're about to find out! You can show your support with a donation here.

My groceries
Kale $2
Rice thins $1
Eggs $3.40
Carrots $1.50
Oats $1.45
Lemon $0.50
Total $9.85

Even the shopping was eye opening- I had to make the ethical decision to opt for 6 free range eggs for $3.40 when cage eggs were $2.80 for 12! And to pick carrots or rice? I don't use rice that much in my usual diet anyway so was happy to have oats to fill me up and carrots as a tasty snack!

Day 1

Boiled eggs on corn thins
Sliced carrots as a snack
Kale and carrot fritters for dinner.

I’m full of optimism and positive thoughts for my challenge. I’m all stocked up with my groceries and have a rough idea of what I can create with my ingredients. My mind is on inventing nutritious meals rather than rationing the portions at this stage.

I did a 5k run in the morning, but am going to be careful to limit my exercise this week so I don’t feel too lethargic.

Porridge for breakfast was kind of standard, however I did miss the banana slices, honey and chia seeds that I usually add!

I had a few queries from people at work who’d heard about the challenge and I made fun of my dismal looking lunch, but it was pretty good actually. As a vegetarian I often have eggs for protein and the corn thins aren’t something I’d usually buy so it didn’t seem too boring. I’m sure by the end of the week I’ll think quite differently!

The afternoon slump was difficult at about 2 or 3pm when I’d usually reach for some fruit. But I had my carrot sticks so at least I didn’t feel hungry, even if I didn't get the sweet hit from fruit.

I snacked on a rice cake when I got home, then realised that doing that every day will soon see me running out of food!

Monday is girls night so I was heading to a girlfriends for dinner. I made sure to eat before I left instead, so I wouldn’t be too tempted by what they were having!

The kale and carrot fritters I made were a complete success, with some kale chips on the side. I just luurve kale.

Luckily I have supportive girlfriends or tonight could have been very awkward. Shantelle has done fitness modelling competitions before and she remembered the feeling of bland meals and having to take your own food when visiting friends. We were all so busy talking and catching up that I could almost completely ignore the delicious smells of her cooking. Almost. But I stuck to sipping my bottle of water.

I slept fine and didn’t feel hungry at all. First day down.

If you'd like to show your support then please check out my profile  and spare some change. Even just $1 makes a difference, thats a whoel bag on corn thins! 

*Donations are open until June 2015