Sunday, 3 May 2015

Getting fit with Nike+ - Advice from Laura Dundovic


The Nike + Training Club (N+TC) at Carriageworks in Sydney offered the opportunity for 2500 women to be part of an epic 5 hour workout experience. The atmosphere was full of energy and the space was beautifully illuminated with Nike logos and inspiring messages. I was lucky enough to score a VIP pass to interview Nike global ambassador and former Miss Universe Laura Dundovic, about her healthy lifestyle tips and Nike journey.
We chatted about fitness, her healthy lifestyle tips and journey with Nike.


Laura is often on the move, travelling for work and says that running and body weight workouts keep her in shape.
My favourite workout is running- I use the Nike plus app and just go.
When you’re busy the NTC app is great, lots of little different workouts that I use when I’m travelling. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with just body weight. When I went away for Miss Universe I learnt a whole heap of body weight exercises. What some people don’t know is that you aren’t allowed to use the gym for one to two months because you’re not allowed to leave the floor of your hotel without a minder. The minder has 3 people to look after so if you don’t all want to go it just doesn’t happen. I couldn’t run or do anything so I just did a lot of body weight exercises, so that’s really good for travelling.

This beauty isn't one for strict diets but her secret is eating clean and preparing her own meals when possible.

I’ve never dieted, but I was brought up with my mum eating really clean so everything that I eat I make myself, if I have hummus I’ll make it myself. For work and socializing, I don’t want to be that person who cant eat anything when I go out. So when I go out with my friends, I can pick the good foods on the menu but if it’s a set menu I’ll still eat what everyone else is eating. When I’m home I just cook really clean for myself and I think that sort of balances it out a bit.
Training hard to keep in shape can often build up a huge appetite but the key is being prepared after 
working out to prevent over eating. 
I love a bit of protein, usually what I’ll do is have a bit of a protein bar or protein smoothie in my bag because I’m on of those people, if I’m not prepared I’ll eat the whole cupboard when I get home from gym. So I’ll cook myself a nice dinner or breakfast or depending what time it is. I’ve never liked to cut out quantity so I’ll have really big meals but really good stuff.

When talking about how to stay balanced we discovered a mutual love for yoga

When you’re stressed yoga is fantastic, and also meditation.

Even Nike ambassadors have days when they struggle to train. Laura credits good music for keeping her motivated.

I love a good playlist! As soon as I put new songs on my phone it’s so exciting when it comes on during a workout so that’s kind of how I drag myself out of bed.

Being a Nike ambassador sounds as good as I’d imagined it would be…

You get to wear pretty cool outfits so I am very spoilt with all my running gear. As well as all that the events that they do are just something else. They are such big events and I was so excited to come today just to see the set up of it. The fact that it’s global means there are opportunities to travel. As I said I had the chance to go overseas with them last year and as well as that I’ve just made some really incredible friends, girls who I get along with who I love training with so that’s just great.

And she has some great advice on how to maintain fitness goals

I know people sort of say that I can’t do that or it’s too hard- so just to set your own goals, to work out and push yourself as far as you can go. Keep moving that bar up. That’s how I tend to do it, I run as I said I did a half marathon last year and a full marathon as well and just sort of pushing the bar each time. Even with a day like today you can come and even if you don’t think you can give it your all for the whole workout give it your all for 70% of the workout and take it slow for the last 30% and do it that way. 

After our chat I left Laura to finish prepping for the warm up workout while I checked out what else was happening around the event.

As well as the training platforms the impressive N+TC site also showcased the latest in fitness fashion and health. As you’d expect there were lots of great new release Nike apparel, I loved the new season colours. The tasting stations had clean and raw goodies to refuel the women as they alternated through the training combinations led by the Nike Mater Trainers. There was a beauty bar for makeup touch ups, an absolute necessity with all those selfies going on. At the braid station it was apparent that yoga buns are so last year, 2015 is all about the double braid when working out! Down time is essential for your body to reap the benefits of training so there were plenty of chill out areas to recover after the intense sessions. They were comfy and stylish and a great spot for more selfies.

The feedback from the event was really positive; the energy of the women created an electric vibe. It was a fitness lovers paradise, meeting likeminded people, pushing limits, trying different routines, learning new moves and being a part of the inspiring Nike+ TC experience.

For more information on upcoming Nike events or images from the Sydney event check out their website.

This weekend I also had some fun with my SAVICHIX crew and learned a new foundation technique from Pro Surfer Trainer Johnny Gannon that I can't wait to share with everyone! 

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